Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

San Marino – Day 3 First Rehearsal – Congratulations Ms Monetta! It’s a Healthy Ball

Valetina Monetta - San Marino Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Valetina Monetta – San Marino Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Valentina Monetta from San Marino, once again joins forces with Ralph Siegel

She presents us Crisalide as her entry for Eurovision 2013 from The Malmo Arena. This is a stark contrast to the now infamous “Facebook” song from last year and is a beautiful sophisticated ballad.

Staging & Styling

Valentia starts out on the floor holding a lit up globe, which unfortunately looks a little like she has given birth to it. As the song breaks into the dancy part, she breaks out of her “chrysalis” of a black veil type dress into a striking red butterfly. She has 2 backing dancers that wear similar outfits to her and break out into the red dresses at the same time as Valentina.


She looks far more comfortable with this song than she ever was last year. Her vocal in the first 2 minutes of the song is stunning. It does still feel a bit like 2 separate songs as the transition between the 2 is a little clumsy sometimes.

Final Analysis

If this song qualifies I think it will get the biggest cheer of the night when it is pulled out of the envelope, however it still sits borderline for me. I would love it to be in the top ten on Thursday night.

Author/Contributor Elaine Dove

Source Eurovision Ireland

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