Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

F.Y.R. Macedonia – First Rehearsal – Esma and Lozano – Day 3

Esma and Lazano - FYR Macedonia Eurovision 2013

Esma and Lazano – FYR Macedonia Eurovision 2013

Esma and Lozano present their song Pred Da Se Razdeni (Before the Sunrise) for F.Y.R. Macedonia at Eurovision 2013. Lozano starts off the song, and having done a few run throughs it would appear that he is going to sing in English which is my personal preference. He was wearing red trousers and dark blue jacket.

Then we get the much anticipated entry from Esma, who is wearing her full on purple gypsy outfit and is singing her Roman Gypsy language, which is the first time it has been done on the Eurovision stage. There are 2 female backing singers who add depth to Lozano’s vocal and then towards the end of the song the stage pretty much gets given up to Esma who continues with her unique style of singing.

The background flashes between blues, purples and yellows and as the song heads towards its climax, Esma and Lozano come back together and are joined by their backing singers behind.

The first 2 run throughs seemed a little messy and I think there were a few technical problems with the ear pieces but the final run through was looking and sounding great.

Contributor/Author Elaine Dove

Source Eurovision Ireland

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