Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Latvia – Day 3 First Eurovision Rehearsal – The Risky Stage Dive

Latvia - Eurovision 2013 Representatives Per

Latvia – Eurovision 2013 Representatives Per

Latvia’s Eurovision Representatives for 2013 – PER – have taken to the stage for their first Dress Rehearsal at Eurovision in Malmo. First run through of their song and it is very much the same as their national final. Silver and Black glitter shiny costumes for the band. One cannot look at this performance and not think – “This is what Jedward will look like in 10 years time” – and if you are like me then that means you are in for a good 3 minutes.

The lead singer does a crowd dive into the audience during the song – thankfully the Mr Spock cardboard cutouts were replaced by burly men from the EBU to catch him. I know SVT wanted the fans to be up close and personal with the acts but now not only am I supposed to stand for 3 hours but I have to hold up the Latvian contestants – I will be checking his pockets for some spare Kroner!! What if the fans don’t like the song? He may end up on the floor of the arena – -“Her we go” to the hospital

The staging is blue at present with a static background. This needs to change to reflect the energy of the song. This performance needs the audience to be in the hall as they need to feed off their energy like vampires from “Twilight”. The vocals are not challenging but are good. The beat boxing sound level could be higher as this is what makes this song interesting.

I want to see pyrotechnics – as I am in the minority on this one and actually like the song. For me it is far more interesting than some of the favorites like Denmark – which are not offering Eurovision anything new but playing it safe. At least Latvia have sent their version of Jedward to Eurovision with something that one can actually dance to at Euroclub and be entertained.

Work still to be done Latvia

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland

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