Eurovision 2013

Moldova first rehearsal – Day 2

Moldova Eurovision 2013- Aliona Moon

Moldova Eurovision 2013- Aliona Moon
Photograph courtesy fo Youtube

Today Aliona Moon takes to the stage for her first rehearsal in the Malmo Arena for Eurovision 2013.

Song writer and last year’s Moldovan performer, Pasha Parfeny plays the piano accompaniment to this haunting ballad. She also has 3 backing dancers who start out on the piano chair with Pasha.


The back drop is a dark blue sparkly number and then, as in the national final, the backdrop is also projected onto her white dress.

This is particularly dramatic when the colours change to red and the dress fully unfurls as she is raised up on a hydraulic platform to the dizzy heights, only rivaled by Ukraine’s giant from yesterday.


There was no big dramatic hair swoosh from Aliona as she previously had in the national final and she has plumped for a more sedate shoulder length straight cut. I predict there will be a bit more hairography going on by time we reach the final.

Final Analysis

The drama of the performance builds as the song builds and this is looking really good. Probably qualifier in my opinion.

Contributor/Author Elaine Dove

Source Eurovision Ireland

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