OGAE Malta – Cast their Eurovision Votes

OGAE Malta cast their votes for Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Malta cast their votes for Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Malta – Official Eurovision Fan Club – have yet to announce their Eurovision votes however through our good friends at we can reveal how the sunny island have voted. So who did Malta see this year’s contenders?

OGAE Malta

  • 1 point: Austria
  • 2 points: Azerbaijan
  • 3 points: Ireland
  • 4 points: FYR Macedonia
  • 5 points: Serbia
  • 6 points: Ukraine
  • 7 points: Germany
  • 8 points: Norway
  • 10 points: San Marino
  • 12 points: Denmark

It looks as if Malta were reading our minds when we had posted that Serbia were still awaiting points – and Malta steps up to the plate with 5 points for them. Denmark score another 12 points. Are we going to Copenhagen next year?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

OGAE Top 10

  1. Denmark – 185 Points
  2. San Marino – 134 Points
  3. Norway – 124 Points
  4. Germany – 100 Points
  5. Italy – 79 Points
  6. United Kingdom – 77 Points
  7. The Netherlands – 73 Points
  8. Ukraine  – 58 Points
  9. Sweden – 50 Points
  10. Russia – 50 Points

Denmark stretch their lead again over San Marino and Norway. For our last video we will show the song from Armenia that is “Lonely Planet” performed by Dorians that are syill awaiting their first OGAE votes


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – and Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia


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