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Bonnie Tyler continues her PR Tour in Germany

Bonnie Tyler - Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative

Bonnie Tyler – Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative

Bonnie Tyler – UK Eurovision Representative 2013 – continues her Promotional Tour around Europe. She is currently in Germany and appeared on the popular television show “Inka Bause Live”. If this performance is an indication of how she will perform in Malmo, then if one was expecting Tyler to gracefully stand on the Eurovision Stage and sing her song, they will be disappointed.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eugene Clark)

Bonnie will be joined on stage in Malmo with her band and it appears that the performance will not be your usual ballad performance. Lots of movement from Tyler was the name of the game in Germany. The passion is still there for the music from her, but is all the stage performance detracting from a the good song? Let us know what what you think.

Here is a brief interview of Bonnie with the team at Radio Stoke in the UK where she talks of her he presentation of “Believe in Me” in Malmo


(YouTube Video Courtesy in BonnieTylerFanCommun)

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and Photograph courtesy of Facebook

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  1. She’s got something from Alla Gapucheva (Russia 1997) in her performance !

    Please, do less movement on stage because it does not fit the ballad mood of the song.

    I believe in you, Bonnie !

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