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San Marino – “Crisalide” Official Video released

Valentina Monetta - Will Represent San Marino at Eurovision 2013 with the song "Crisalide"

Valentina Monetta – Will Represent San Marino at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Crisalide”

San Marino will re represented for the second year in a row by Valentina Monetta performing the song “Crisalide” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The song is composed by Eurovision Master Ralph Siegel and lyrics by Mauro  Balestri. This song is a greater reflection of Valentina’s musical roots than her earlier entry. When we heard the song we though here at Eurovision Ireland “WOW” but when the official video was released just now we had to take a double take as Valentina is looking truly stunning and the video matches the song perfectly. See for yourself

So what do you think? And just so that you don’t think that this is a fluke – here is Valentina performing a swing version of “The  Social Network” that is also a masterclass in the tone and quality to her voice. Yes Valentina has transformed into the Eurovision 2013 butterfly – and we are very excited to see how the song will be staged in Malmo.

Eurovision 2013 has just gotten very interesting over the past few days – Grazie Valentina

What do you think of “Crisalide”? The Grand Final for San Marino this year? 

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Absolutely love this. We finally get to hear what Valentina is capable of and the song has grown on me more with each listen, so much so that it is now my personal favourite. Well done San Marino I really hope you qualify for the final and do well.

    • Did you see her “Swing” version of “The Social Network” that we posted too Martin? She has always been a Jazz/Swing/Classical singer and “Crisalide” reflects this too. Let’s hope that the stage production is stylish and not OTT as the song deserves to showcased. We love it too

      • Yes, if only they had gone for the swing version last year it may have been a better result. She certainly has talent.

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