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Malta :Gianluca releases official Eurovision 2013 video for “Tomorrow”

Gianluca Bezzina - Maltese Eurovision 2013 Entrant - with "Tomorrow"

Gianluca Bezzina – Maltese Eurovision 2013 Entrant – with “Tomorrow”

Tonight the Maltese 2013 Eurovision Entrant – Gianluca – released the official video for his charming song “Tomorrow”. The song is based on the story of a “man called Jeremy who works in I.T.”  and we follow the efforts of this shy man in the pursuit of love. Does he get the girl in the end? You will just have to look at the video and see. 

The video was shot on location in Malta  around the areas of Valletta, Floriana and Rabat. Tomorrow is composed by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat and will perform in the second semi final at Eurovision on May 16th. The video also introduces us to the band that will accompany Gianluca on stage in Malmo.

"Tomorrow" video still from Gianluca - Maltese Eurovision Representative

“Tomorrow” video still from Gianluca – Maltese Eurovision Representative 2013

We have high hopes for Malta to qualify again for the Grand Final of Eurovision again this year. Here is the charming video of “Tomorrow” by Gianluca and we hope to be speaking to the man shortly, so stay tuned. 


Source – PBS and Eurovision Ireland

Photographs and YouTube Video courtesy of PBS Malta

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  1. This is definitely a dark horse. It would be wonderful if Malta could take the crown this year. Gianluca has a lovely smile.

    • Agree – this is the one to watch a sit ticks all the boxes. A distinctive and simple melody, a charming singer who has a great stage presence. Malta would explode with excitement if they won and suggest an open air Eurovision should they win – how good would that be!!

      • Now that would be something. Bless dear Malta, I really would love it if they were to finally get their first win.

    • Think this is the dark horse – very cute, simple, accessible and unoffensive from a good singer with a distinctive voice. Check out him and his band “Funk Initiative” – They are GREAT!!

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