Belgium – “Love Kills” and gets a make-over.

Roberto Bellarosa - "Belgium Eurovision 2013"

Roberto Bellarosa – “Belgium Eurovision 2013”

Roberto Bellarosa will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Love Kills”. Today we got to hear the new version of the song that will grace the Eurovision stage in Malmo in May. The new version

Now compare this to the original that was selected some months ago

The new version has a slightly more Coldplay meets Rhianna vibe to it. The song still has some challenging notes to hit for Roberto. 

A qualifier or not for the Grand Final?

Source – Eurovision Ireland and Soundcloud

(Photograph Courtesy of and YouTube Video courtesy of embedded owner)

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  1. It ‘s far better than the original version. Bravo !
    But I regret the Belgians do not sing in French anymore.

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