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“The UK/BBC treats Eurovision like a Joke”


“The Uk/BBC treat Eurovision like a joke” were the claims made by one of Britain’s current most successful bands today. Adam Anderson of the band “Hurts”  was speaking to Gigwise today after the announcement that Bonnie Tyler would be flying the flag for the UK at Eurovision 2013.

“Hurts” who are one of the one of the UK’s best musical exports over the past few years across Europe, expressed their frustration at the route that the BBC take on selecting their Eurovision Act and the public perception to the contest. Adam said the “euro-pop competition should be taken more seriously in the UK and feels that Tyler’s announcement ‘sums up’ the country’s feelings towards the show .”

When looking at how other countries treat Eurovision ha says “It’s admirable that in Europe they do take it seriously and I don’t understand why it’s become a bit of a joke here because it’s a competition for songs and that’s exciting.Where else do you get that? It’s like the Olympics for songs and it should be treated like that, but it’s not in this country and that [Bonnie Tyler] appointment today sort of sums that up really, but it’s better than Blue isn’t it?”

Adam also admitted that the band had been very close to composing an entry for Russia but in the end Channel 1 went with a different approach to their entry. However this has not deterred the Manchester Duo from making it to Eurovision. They confessed that they would like to enter a song for the contest but when asked if they would for the UK he replied “”probably not. It depends on who the artist would be and it’s unlikely that the artist would be right.”

It is not the first time that “Hurts” have been associated with Eurovision speculation. However when you have a band of such critical and commercial success you could understand why some fan forums were perplexed by the BBC announcement that Bonnie Tyler was the choice of the BBC. “Hurt”s first album “Happiness” released in 2010 enjoyed success across Europe – Austria #2, Denmark #7, Finland #3, Germany #2, Greece #1, Ireland #9. Switzerland #2 and the UK#4. It has been some time that an act of such current success and profile showed interest in representing the UK at Eurovision. One has to ask why this is the case? “Hurts” release their second album “Exile” today. 

80’s singing icon Bonnie Tyler was confirmed as the UK’s entrant to the Eurovision for 2013 today with the song “Believe in Me”


If the UK Public had the choice of selecting Bonnie Tyler or Hurts for their Eurovision Act – who would you chose? 

Author/Website founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source – and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. UK treats like a joke because Eurovision is a joke.Now is a fuckin’ Trans circus.Crappy perfomance,crappy songs,crappy everthing.

  2. Well said Hurts. About time someone from the music world, other than fans on forums, told the BBC exactly what they thought of them. A bunch of out of touch numpties who have no idea when it comes to Eurovision any more. Time to kick the old guard out and bring some fresh ideas to the table. Hurts would be an inspired choice for the UK and certainly would bring more interest to the competition from a younger audience too. A wasted opportunity that I can only hope they will rectify next year. I hope Hurts gets to Eurovision in future but not 10-20 years from now!

  3. I can understand their disappointment at the BBC’s sending again a artist in some way from the past and repeating last year’s method that did not prove successful at all. I didn’t believe it really when some rumours said Bonnie would be the UK’S choice.
    From that point of view, I think they are not wrong to say that it shows the way the BBC considers the contest, that is to say not very seriously. But it is insulting towards the chosen artist too to say such things.
    And still, I have been a hudge fan of Bonnie, and I thank the BBC for that: it does not happen every year, just once or twice in the last 10 years.

  4. From what I have seen when I worked on a few Eurovisions and a couple of nationals, lots of the folks don’t take everything too serious. The front of house onstage is very serious and done to the stopwatch and clipboard, but backstage there’s a lot of kidding, slagging off and messing around, not taking things too seriously. Same for all the receptions that are held for each country, no one takes their song too seriously. Yes the Eurovision is fun, it’s also a good opportunity for each country to showcase their best tallent. So just enjoy the show, let the performers do their stuff, and if your song is picked to represent your country, congratulations, if not, then don’t be a sore looser, try again next year 😉

    • I disagree shaun we take this Eurovision very seriously can you please tell me in what capacity you worked on the irish eurovisions please !

  5. One also has to wonder why they are bitching about it now when they have an album to promote while if they felt so passionate about it, they would hav made themselves available for this May and begged the BBC to let them participate. Instead hey contradict themselves and say they would not enter for the UK??? Makes no sense !!! They are in a position to do sth about it but won’t!!

    • They have Daniel. They were trying to represent the UK in 2011 and then went to try and write for Russia last year. They have always been advocates of Eurovision and have pleaded to take epart

      • and even though Blue gave us a good result, Hurts would have been AMAZING. The BBC need to pick someone like these. Someone current. There aren’t many current UK acts that want to participate in Eurovision these days yet these guys clearly are

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