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Melodifestivalen : First International Jury Vote Announced


Eurovision Ireland teams up with International Juries along with our on-line fan poll to predict the winner of Melodifestivalen 2013. Over the next 48 hours we will give you the results from our fan jury who hail from several countries across Europe. To this we will add the results to on on-line poll which closes at midnight on Friday night and we will have our winner. Have you voted yet?

Our first jury that we are calling in is that from Ireland. You may have seen our posts regarding the great Irish “Eurobash” nights that are held in Dublin throughout the year, well we have enlisted one of the founders of Eurobash Ireland to cast his eyes and votes over the ten contestants in the  Melodifestivalen Final.


(Photograph courtesy of SVT)

Eurovision Ireland’s Friend Greg Kemp, who runs Eurobash (along with Matt Langan) has been to Melodifestivalen and knows his Schlager music whether it sung in Swedish or English, whether it was in heat 1 or 4, whether it made the final or not and ……you get the picture. If it is Melodifestivalen Greg knows about it. Below we have Greg’s views on the 10 finalists.

Song 1: Tell The World I’M Here – Good presentation, like the music and song has a strong anthemic chorus
Song 2. Skyline = Great Choreography, very well presented and instantly catchy-a great pop song
Song 3. Falling – Probably the most contemporary of the 10 songs and sounds like The Script- a nice radio friendly song
Song 4. Begging – Our Eric Saade tribute, looks great, however vocally don’t think that strong and the song just doesn’t stand out enough for me
Song 5. Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – must be the strangest song title ever. Country vibe to the song but does nothing for me and instantly forgettable
Song 6. Bed on Fire. Strong Vocals and stands out from the crowd but chorus is just not strong enough
Song 7. Enrik Tig Javla Schlager- Now this is a real guilty pleasure it’s so cheesy but a lovely little feel good number and quite catchy too but would struggle or get lost in translation at Eurovision
Song 8. Copacabanana- Rap has no place in Eurovision in my opinion nor do joke songs and this song fits into both those categories-this would not succeed at Eurovision
Song 9. You-Another Radio friendly song, doesn’t get me instantly and it’s more of a grower plus I don’t think he is as strong vocally as he should be
Song 10 Heartbreak Hotel- starts off sounding very like GaGa and looks like GaGa, he’s not great vocally but the song is quite catchy and I do like the look!
So my votes as follows:
12 Points to Song 2 Skyline
10 Points to Song 1 Tell The World I’M Here
8 Points to Song 10 Heartbreak Hotel
7 Points to Song 3 Falling
6 Points to Song 4 Begging
5 Points to Song 9 You
4 Points to Song 7 Enrik Tig Javla Schlager
3 Points to Song 6 Bed of Fire
2 Points to Song 5 Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream
1 Point to Song 8 Copacabanna

(YouTube Video courtesy of vivalTV)

Thanks to Greg for providing the first set of votes from our International Jury. David Lindgren – probably the best dressed man at Melodifestivalen again – takes the first set of 12 points. Make sure to tune in for the next set of votes – which comes from the Jury in Sweden itself! If you have not joined the thousands that have tuned into our on-line poll, you still have until Midnight tomorrow to vote – so have your say – and some fun – below.

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

(Main Photograph courtesy of

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