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(INTERVIEW) Eurosong Interviews – We meet Eurovision Guru Keith Mills

Eurovision Ireland and Keith Mills

(Photograph Copyright Eurovision Ireland)

In the series of our “Eurosong Interviews”, Eurovision Ireland met Irish Eurovision Guru Keith Mills. Our friend Ciaran Nolan talks to Keith about Eurosong and Eurovision and the future of the contest.

In a year of a close Irish competition even Keith Mills said that the contest was too close to call and he was right. Keith also goes on to talk about the main area of the Eurovision Song Contest itself that needs to be reviewed on how it is presented. See our video here now.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of EurovisionIrelandTV)

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Hi , Great website but I do miss my allkindsofeverything, we a move on and you guys are doing a great job, I would love to thank all the people that were involved in allkindsofeverything thanks thanks thank you so much for keeping me happy. Any chance of you guys loading previous Irish/Eurovision entries on your site. Good Luck Keith, your a fantastic guy . xxx

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