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Georgia : “Waterfall” is presented for Eurovision 2013

Georgia 2013

GPB (Georgian National Broadcaster) presented their Eurovision entry for 2013 this morning. “Waterfall” is performed by Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili and the composer is Eurovision Winning Swedish song writer Tomas G:Son. who was responsible for Loreen’s “Euphoria” last year and also Spain’s wonderful entry “Quédate conmingo” performed by Pastora Soler.


Sopho & Nodiko have performed before and their chemistry is certainly evident in their performance today of “Waterfall”. Is this a Eurovision winner? Georgia last year for the first time since they entered Eurovision, failed to qualify for the Grand Final. Can they do it in 2013?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

Source GPB and Eurovision Ireland)

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  1. 2 very strong performers, The song is a bit bland however it’s way better than the duo that won a couple of years ago so who knows?

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