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Ireland : (EXCLUSIVE 2) Inchequin take to the streets of Dublin tomorrow for Busking and a Flashmob


(Photograph courtesy of

We can exclusively reveal that Eurosong 2013 Finalists Inchequin, will take to the streets of Dublin tomorrow, Wednesday February 20th, in a bid to share their song “Son Kez/The Last Time” with Dubliners. At 1pm the band will begin from the Top of Grafton Street to busk on the streets of Dublin. They will play all down Grafton Street and move into the popular tourist destination of Temple Bar – map below.


(Photograph courtesy of

Then the band will be calling people to come and join them to make a “Flashmob” for their song. It certainly makes for a great day out for Inchequin and Dubliners alike. To get the full live details of where Inchequin are tomorrow you can follow them live on their Twitter account “Tweet on the Street” @eddarragh

Inchequin now have an official mascot “Dax” that we hope will be making a special appearance tomorrow


(Photograph Courtesy of @eddarragh Twitter)

Inchequin will perform the song “Son Kez/The Last Time” at the Eurosong final and will be montored by Shay Healy.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Inchequin)

Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think Inchequin is by far the best possible choice to represent our green gem of an island in this competition! Finally someone who doesn’t go down the boring mainstream path. You rock, all of you! Best of luck to Sinead, Hugh and all the band! xx

  2. Sorry, but it sound like something from the 80’s and and I don’t want my country represented by people that don’t even live here to the best of my knowledge.

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