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Germany : Have Plagiarism claims hampered Cascada’s chances of winning Eurovision 2013?


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Every year there are songs that are always compared to others and usually the news passes without much notice. However since winning the German National Final on Valentine’s Day – there has been little love for Cascada’s “Glorious” in some of the European press, as they claim plagiarism with none other that Loreen’s “Euphoria” from 2012.

German National Broadcaster NDR certainly put a lot of time and effort into their selection process for Eurovision 2013. The live final itself was as big as a Eurovision Song Contest itself and Anke presented the show like a true professional. However that seems to have been forgotten by media outlets.

A musical audit was commissioned by the Germany’s largest tabloid paper ‘Bild’. The results of the report claim that the two songs are “absolutely identical”. “The chorus uses the same accentuation, the ending peaks with the same combinations. The singers even use the same breathing methods,” said the expert, Tina John.

Iris Bents – spokesperson for NDR, said: “Every year there are attempts to create scandals around the Eurovision Song Contest and the participants” and that they “had commissioned a musical audit of its own to ensure that the song was an original work, as all entries into the Eurovision must be original.” She continued to say that once their independent audit is completed, NDR will announce the results.

The story has spread across not just Germany but now from Australia to the United Kingdom to America. The Daily Telegraph in the UK have even created this video comparing both songs?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Franky MixTV)

Cascada themselves have said they are more than happy to super impose both songs over each other so the public can hear the differences.

With the media jumping on the story you have to ask if the damage has been done already in Germany’s quest to win Eurovision 2013. Might juries and public voters be influenced by these claims?

What do you think? Are Euphoria and Glorious similar?  Let us know.

Source The Daily Telegraph, Bild, The Irish Independent

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  1. What nonsense. Very rarely in popular music is a melody or an arrangement completely original. Cascada have been churning out rehashed, regurgitated, nubile pop for years. Every act does it. Take Adele; there isn’t one original idea in her compositions, yet because of the unique lilt in her voice with that nifty inflection she uses, she is instantly recognisable and gets away with it.

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