Eurovision National Finals 2013

Latvia 2013 :( RESULT) First Semi Final – By Elaine Dove


(Photograph Courtesy of LVT)

Tonight we have the first semi- final of Eirodziesma – the Latvian selection show for Eurovision 2013 coming to you from The Palladium Concert Hall in Riga.

There are 12 songs competing tonight and 6 of them will go through to next week’s final. The voting will consist of a 50/50 split between the televote and jury. Tomorrow night will see another 12 songs competing for the final 6 places.

So sit back whilst lead you through the thrills and spills of tonight’s selection


Up first we have Liene Candy with Higher and Higher

Liene is striking with her long blonde locks and canary yellow dress with matching heels that, like the title of the song, go Higher and Higher!!!! A number sure to get the dance floor buzzing and confidently performed. With a blinding smile, Liene will hope your vote will get her into next week’s final.


Next up are Fox Lima with their song Tirpini

4 girls in silver outfits with draped wings, this song has a very ethnic feel to it – as there were issues with the link I missed much of this performance but was in great contrast to the first song on. Made me want to belly dance – and I have just the belly for this song


Dominic Okolue with Good Woman is up next

This is a reggae song with a catchy hook “shout it out” – he had good chemistry with his 2 backing singers on stage although appears to be wearing Dino Merlin’s outfit from 2011! An energetic soul with a sense of fun.

4th song on tonight is Antra Stafecka with When You Are With Me

She reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago, with her black and white draped outfit she dances provocatively with her man in black on the stage – the song has a real cowboy film feel to it and Antra does a great job of singing whilst being tossed around the stage by her man. Simple understated song but a lot going on.


Up next is Olafs Bergmanis and the The Random People with Never Let Me Go – the group’s name was enough to get my interest and then the catchy piano based tuned is certainly an attention grabber. With a plethora of instruments on the stage this song is fun fun fun and hopefully they will not be Let Go and will make it through to next week.


6th song of the night is Headline with Love

This is a very 80’s feel pop song . The lead singer certainly looks good and makes the most of his assets as he girates round the stage. His 2 guitarists dance with him (no mean feat whilst playing) and he also has a drummer and keyboard player on stage. Confident performance by the group.

After a short break Pieneņu Vīns are up with their song Better Than You.

Lead singer of this jazzy 80’s number, looking like she robbed the Stature of Liberty of her headdress but a good performance of the song. The guitarist and Sax players to her left and right join in with the dancing on this up tempo number although they do appear to have Jedward’s hair on each of their right shoulders.


Eighth song of the night is Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis with Give Me A Try

Individual singer, with backing band – this is a rocky pop number and the lead singer is very engaging. It is a great song for the stage and would not have looked out of place on Top of the Pops back in the day. Another understated performance but Ivo certainly makes me want to give him a try.

Song number 9 in this first semi-final is Samanta Tīna and I Need a Hero

It has taken to song 9 for our first ballad and it is a lovely little song. Samanta, stunning in white is joined by her backing singers in black half way through. This is a powerful ballad and very well sung. Can you be her hero and send her through to next week’s final?


Song 10 is Liene Matveja & Baiba Reine with Love Responder

This song has a little reggae beat going along in the background. I find myself bouncing along as I type this blog. The 2 lead singers hold hands with their guys at the beginning then send them packing until the end of the song – were they the Love Responders? Who knows?


Second to last song is Sabīne Berezina with Upside Down

Psychedelic coloured outfits are instantly striking and this is a fun dancy number definitely aimed at those of us who like to “cut some shapes” on the dance floor. It reminds me of something from Fame and is just missing the leg warmers and the cartwheels. I was smiling the whole way through this song.


And now for the last competing song of the night Grupa Per with Sad Trumpet

2 guys on stools – hmmm have we seen this before Latvia? One guy was singing the heartbreaking melody whilst the other appeared to be beat boxing and adding vocal instruments although it was difficult to tell whether his microphone was turned up. One lucky girl appeared to be plucked from the audience to dance at the end. Aw bless her but I would prefer a happier trumpet.

The 6 finalists were then announced in a random order

  • Antra Stafecka – When You Are With Me
  • Samanta Tīna – I Need A Hero
  • Sabīne Berezina – Upside Down
  • Liene Candy – Higher And Higher
  • Grupa Per – Sad Trumpet
  • Headline – Love

The 6 Acts will now compete in the grand next week

Source – LVT

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