Eurovision National Finals 2013

Inchequin take Turkish and Eastern Media by Storm


(Photograph courtesy of

Eurosong Finalists 2013 – Inchequin – are making a huge splash in Turkey and the East of Europe. Yes Inchequin with their song “Son Kez/The Last Time” have taken the Turkish media by storm since they were announced as Irish Eurosong Finalists on Wednesday. So much so that they have been on the main news channels and it is seen as big news in Turkey and the surrounding countries.

Firstly the band – which is made up of Irish and Turkish musicians were in the country’s largest newspapers

Following that they were made the main news stories on the Turkish National Broadcaster Channel 7 news

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Serhat Ayan)

Next they were featured on NTV Turkey where the cross cultural act was highly praised.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Serhat Ayan)

Finally they were discussed on “Kanal d Sabah Haberleri” where they were saying that Turkey had a second act at Eurovision besides Azerbaijan this year – yes Ireland.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Serhat Ayan)

The band are looking like they could be heading into the Turkish download charts with their song – and that would be a coup.

With Turkey not in the contest this year it could open the door for Inchequin (should they win Eurosong) to benefit from the large Turkish Diaspora across Europe.

The act is mentored by Shay Healy and that will certainly carry votes here at home with those that remember “What’s Another Year“. Time will tell if the Irish public take Inchequin to their hearts like the Turks seem to have.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Inchequin)

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. And now the Irish are calling for the Turkish diaspora ‘s votes after criticising theses tactical votes for years… Why not taking profit of them after all ! That’s what Eurovision is also about…isn’t it ?

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