Eurovision National Finals 2013

Eurosong – Lady Antebellum/Nikki Kavanagh and Donna McCaul


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What is the link between Eurosong, Lady Antebellum, Nikki Kavanagh and Donna McCaul? Well the answer is “Fire” from Zoe Alexis Bohorquez.

Firstly we can confirm that Eurovision and Eurosong favourites Donna McCaul and Nikki Kavanagh are lending their support to Zoe in her quest to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo. Nikki and Donna have confirmed to Eurovision Ireland that they will be performing with Zoe at the Eurosong final on February 22nd. Nikki and Donna “could not be happier to perform with Zoe” on her song “Fire” and sing backing vocals on the live show.

You will remember that Donna McCaul represented Ireland with her brother Joe at the contest in 2005 with the song “Love”. Donna was back again performing at Eurosong last year with her song “Mercywhich we have heard played at the Irish EuroBash nights many times (upcoming details of the next party night)

(YouTube Video courtesy of RTE)

Nikki Kavanagh is no stranger to Eurovision and Eurosong either. Nikki was at the 2010 Eurovision Song contest providing backing vocals to Niamh Kavanagh and her song “It’s For You” which brought Ireland back to the Eurovision finals following an absence since 2007. Nikki also narrowly missed out on representing Ireland at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Falling”. She was beaten into second place by Jedward that year by just 2 points.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of MrAeden)

So Zoe has a strong Eurovision backing with Donna and Nikki supporting her.

Now where does the multi million selling and Grammy winning Lady Antebellum come into the Zoe equation? Well we have just found out today that Lauren White- one of the composers of Zoe’s song “Fire” – has just had one of her songs purchased by Lady Antebellum. It is expected that they will be recording the song later in the year. This is wonderful news and we like to celebrate Irish success on our site. To find out more about Lauren and her song for Lady Antebellum and Zoe you can follow her on twitter  @Lauren__leBlanc

In case you have never heard of Lady Antebellum – where have you been – here they are performing their Grammy Winning Song “Need You Now”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of LadyAntebellumVEVO)

Zoe will be performing the song “Fire” at the Eurosong final on The Late Late Show on Friday February 22nd on RTE 1. Make sure to tune in to the show and vote for your favorite song.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ZoeAlexisOfficial)

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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