Eurovision National Finals 2013

Winners in Finland Tonight were …………

Flag of Finland

Flag of Finland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Round one of the Finnish National Final has just taken place in the search for their entry for Eurovision 2013.

The contestants were

  • Iina Salin – “Last Night”
  • Last Panda – “Saturday Night Forever”
  • Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through”
  • Ilari Hämäläinen – “Sytytä Mut Vaan
  • Rautakoura – “Ilmalaivalla”
  • Diandra – “Colliding Into You

The performances were of a high standard and the audience were in a frenzy after each artist sang.

After the 4 Jury Members voted the results were

  • Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through” – 38 Points
  • Diandra – “Colliding Into You” – 32 Points
  • Iina Salin – “Last Night” – 29 Points
  • Last Panda – “Saturday Night Forever” – 27 Points
  • Rautakoura – “Ilmalaivalla” – 26 Points
  • Ilari Hämäläinen – “Sytytä Mut Vaan” – 21 Points

The Public Vote was added – but they did not tell us who won the public vote. They just told us who made the Final Direct, Who made the Semi Final and Who was Eliminated. The results were as follows

  • Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through” – Direct To Final***
  • Diandra – “Colliding Into You” – Direct To Final***
  • Iina Salin – “Last Night” – Throught to Semi Final
  • Last Panda – “Saturday Night Forever” – Throught to Semi Final
  • Rautakoura – “Ilmalaivalla” – Throught to Semi Final
  • Ilari Hämäläinen – “Sytytä Mut Vaan” – Eliminated

So tonight’s 2 Finalists are

Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Mresc2013Malmo)

Diandra – “Colliding Into You

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Mresc2013Malmo)

Overall a very well produced show and a high standard of songs. The elimination contest next Thursday will be equally close.

Source YLE

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