Eurovision National Finals 2013

Sweden 2013 : Melodifestivalen tugs at the heart strings

Logo in use from 2011-present

Logo in use from 2011-present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who will win Melodifestivalen 2013 and represent Sweden at home in Malmo?

Well SVT ( Swedish National Broadcaster) have started the media machine for their national choice – “Melodifestivalen” – with one of the best TV adverts that we have ever seen. Thanks to our friends at Wiwiblogs for finding this one.

Yes “Euphoria” is going to be one of those Milestone Eurovision songs that will endure the test of time so be ready to be singing and dancing to it at many a wedding and birthday for at least another 50 years. To prove that, SVT has broadcast the cutest tv advert for a Eurovision National Final ever. Yes a home video of 2 year old Vincent Fredricksson from Sweden, is fast becoming an internet sensation. Complete with a towel he performs his amazing rendition of “Euphoria” and shows that a Eurovision winning song can transcend generations.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Emma Gustavsson and SVT)

Now where is my towel and let me get recording. SVT – Have you considered Vincent for Junior Eurovision? Just saying.

It certainly looks like Eurovision in 2013 will be a “United and Inclusive” event as the contest’s new logo proclaims “We Are One”.

ESC 2013 Logo

(Photograph Courtesy of SVT and

Source SVT, WiwiBlogs and


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