Azerbaijan 2013 : You have to “La La Love” it but “Je ne sais quoi!”


Baku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes we always love Monday nights on Milli Seçim Turu as Azerbaijan look to find their entry to Eurovision 2013.

Monday night sees all of this weeks contestants perform Eurovision songs, some with more success than others. This week saw another group of hopefuls take to the stage.

Səbinə Şahmədova – Shady lady

Could we have another Səbinə representing Azerbaijan 2 years in a row? Well if Georgia can send 4 Sopho’s then I see no reason why not. Səbinə Şahmədova is a feisty young woman who took on Eurovision favourite “Shady Lady” and even managed to have Ani Lorak‘s little run incorporated into her routine. A lot of lighting and dancers and overall good vocals made this a great start to the show. Nothing shady about this performance.

Rövşən Əzizov – Je Ne Sais Quoi

Oh well what can I say here except it has to be seen to be believed. The most interesting introduction I have heard to a song in some time. “Je Ne Sais Quoi” turned into “Je Me Say What”. And if Rövşən’s interpretation of the song was not a classic in itself – the finish of the song – where he improvised the lyrics to sing –  “Everybody sing to me, I came to be number 1”. Well that is worth a vote in my books for sure. Enthusiasm in abundance and good luck to him.

Ağamehdi Mirzəyev – Milim

Ağamehdi took on the Israeli entry from 2010 and sang it in English – well I think it was English as I could not really make out what he was singing. He has a decent voice but he hasn’t got a good enough handle on the English language yet and struggled on some of the high notes.

Aydan Nurəlizadə – It’s my time

Looking like Lea Michelle from Glee – Aydan took on Jade Ewan’s 2009 UK entry “It’s My Time“. She has a very radio friendly voice but when it came to the big note she unfortunately backed out of it and then came back into the song out of key. I am sure Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber could help with that.

Elgün Hüseynov – Change the world

Elgün took on Hotel FM‘s “Change the World”. Despite having the words to the song on the stage with him, he still had some difficulties with keeping up with the song. That could have been because the amount of dry ice on the stage was immense that one could have thought that there was a fire in the Baku studios. In fairness to Elgün he has a good voice but I struggle to see how he may cope on a Eurovision stage.

Boris Bayramov – Love

Now I have never been a big fan of Sasha Son’s song from Lithuania 2009 but Boris had a charm about him that made me enjoy this performance. He can sing and was engaging on the camera. Azerbaijan has never sent a male soloist to Eurovision. Might they this year?

Xana Həsənova – La La Love

Taking on one of our favourite girls from last year – Ivi from Cyprus – Xana had big hair, big smile, big dance moves and a big voice. I La La Loved it.

Leyla Əliyeva – Suus

Taking on Albania’s “Suus” from last year was always going to be on the cards as each contestant is trying to make their performance stand out from the crowd. You cannot get more out there than “Suus”, so when I hit play on my computer I did so with some trepidation. How wrong was I! Leyla, looking stunning, blew me and the competition away with a rendition of “Suus” that a lot of professionals would find hard to match. Almost note identical to Rona’s performance in Baku last year – this was sensational. A strong contender and one to watch. 

An interesting mix this week from Azerbaijan but certainly the standard is getting stronger as the competition progresses. “Je me say what?” – Love it!

Source – All Youtube videos courtesy of Azeurovision

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