Eurovision National Finals 2013

Spain 2013 : Is Eurovision going to lose out to Football in Spain?

English: Real Madrid's 18th Copa del Rey: 2011...

English: Real Madrid’s 18th Copa del Rey: 2011 Shqip: Copa del Rey e 18 e Real Madrid-it (2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We reported yesterday how Spanish tv Broadcaster TVE was potentially not broadcasting the full 3 tv shows at this year’s Eurovision due to other commitments – well now it looks like the Eurovision Final itself may be in jeopardy of not being broadcast on the main television stations as it clashes with The football final of “Copa Del Rey” which takes place on May 18th also.

Yes TVE now finds itself in the predicament that the massively popular “Copa Del Rey” final will be on at the same day and time as Eurovision. Based on viewing figures in Spain, the football final will have a bigger audience – they are World and European Champions at present. So what happens now?

Well from my understanding from Spanish media is that the football will be broadcast on TVE 1 – the main channel. Therefore Eurovision will be sent to one of TVE’s smaller sister channels. It was suggested that TVE might pay another of the bigger National Broadcasters to carry the Eurovision transmission – but this could cost several million Euro so that option seems to have been removed.

So Eurovision 2013 in Spain looks like it will be on one of TVE’s smaller stations and up against the institution of the “Copa Del Rey” – so the viewing figures for the Eurovision in Spain may be reduced this year. Shame.

Author/Website founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source : Rafa Pop



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  1. Forgot to mention that TVE2 can easily have as much views as in TVE1 but most people rather see the football as its a sport close to the Spaniards heart and do well in Internationally ( With the previous 3 international cups) whereas many argue that ESC is about the politics though 2012’s entry was the most watched ESC in recent year and most views program in Spain in 2012 so the hope is not lost 🙂

  2. TVE does not have the rights to broadcast the final yet and probably will not buy them in the current situation, considering its much more expensive than ESC. Private broadcaster Telecinco has bought the rights to air some Copa del Rey matches this month, last night they aired the Barcelona-Córdoba match. Also, to my understading, the date of the final can still be moved, very likely if one of the Copa finalists reaches the Champions League final too. In any case, a Barcelona-Real Madrid final is impossible because of the draw, they will meet in the semis.

    • Thanks Pablo. We were having difficulties in translating the articles. Are there other stations interested in purchasing the rights to the Eurovision? Or the fact that it is on at the same time as Cop del Rey mean it might not be profitable for a station to carry the show? Thank you

      • Living in Gibraltar i see spansih tv a lot and i can say that TVE2 can broadcast the final :), its the same situation as Italy RAI 1 doesnt broadcast it so RAI 2 does and the Itlaians broadcasts the semis in RAI 5. Its jsut the sister Channel , it would be the equivalent to BBC broadcasting the final so its not a big problem for TVE 🙂

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