Finland 2013 : Live Performances from the Second Semi Final Reviewed

Flag of Finland

Flag of Finland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The second semi final of songs were performed live on YLE in front of the jury as Finland search for their representatives at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo.

This week we see the contestants that will compete in the second semi final – and it includes the pre contest favourite. The performers are


  • Atlético Kumpula – Paperilyhty (Paper lantern)
  • Elina Orkoneva – He’s not my man
  • Lucy Was Driving – Dancing all around the universe
  • Ilari Hämäläinen – Sytytä mut vaan (Just light me up)
  • Diandra Flores – Colliding into you
  • Arion – Lost in the woods

Atlético Kumpula – Paperilyhty (Paper lantern)

A melancholic bittersweet mid tempo song sung by a 6 piece band whose music sounds like a cross between James Taylor meeting The Doors. 4 men on various guitars (1 of which is the lead singer) are accompanied by a drummer and keyboard player. This is a gentle song that you could imaging in a 60’s smokey lounge in trendy bar. I really like the electric organ sound that makes you think of bands like The Doors. This is authentic and performed by strong musicians whose harmonies are superb. I would though like to see more emotion from the lead singer as that might endear the song and the performance more to the audience. Personally I like this style of music though it tends to be overlooked at Eurovision.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of UMK2012)

Elina Orkoneva – He’s not my man

This is a song that I could imagine Irish rockabilly singer Imelda May singing. It has that strong bluesy piano chords and snare drum beat. As has potential. It is so easy to sense the emotion of this song. The song has attitude as it talks about a tempestuous love of a man. So this is where Elina needs to improve her performance. She has a great voice and at times has a wonderful raspy quality to it. She is very photographic and smiled wonderfully throughout the song. However this is an edgy song so Elina should have been feisty throughout the performance. This was where there was a slight disconnect between what she sang and what the visuals of the song showed. I would urge Elina to look at some Beyoncé videos and see how she portrays different emotions as this is what will make Elina’s performance go from good to great.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Mresc2013Malmo)

Lucy Was Driving – Dancing all around the universe

A good American style college rock band with a charismatic lead singer who looks like the older brother of the lead singer from the Austrian “Trackshittaz”. A kooky song to say the least. It has a mixture of paces between the verse and chorus and at times the transitions were not that smooth and you could hear the drummer having some timing issues. I could not really make out the lyrics of the song as the english was not that clear. I am not sure if the band might be better performing in Finnish to make them seem more comfortable. The harmonies at times were off-key. Yes on second listeining this song needs to be performed in Finnish and the change in pace amended in the song as it detracts from the performance. “Weezer” on a not so good day.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of UMK2012)

Ilari Hämäläinen – Sytytä mut vaan (Just light me up)

Looking and sounding like they just walked off the set of “Rock of Ages”, these long-haired rockers should have their own shampoo range! This band and song seem as if they have been plucked straight out of the 1980’s and were performing as Poison or Guns and Roses. The lead singer knows his camera angles and really sold the song to the audience just like the other members of the band. With a catchy chorus and guitar rift this song is stuck in my head. I really don’t need to understand what the band are singing in Finnish, I just get this song and it would light up an arena. Finland are the only country to have won Eurovision with a real rock song – this could do it again.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Mresc2013Malmo)

Diandra Flores – Colliding into you

Next up is the favourite and current Finnish Idol winner Diandra. You know you are famous when people refer to you by just one name – Diandra. At the start she seemed somewhat tentative and that is the to be expected as the overwhelming expectation on her is huge. Diandra reminds me of another Idol winner – Kelly Clarkson. She has a similar look and voice like the first American Idol winner. Diandra’s song is a good pop/rock love song. Sung with emotion and good presentation when she hit those high notes. This was a solid performance. I would suggest that she pay closer attention to her voice on the lower keys at the start of the song as they were flat at times and detracted from the performance. One thing missing – a wind machine! The song is screaming out for it in the chorus and it will add to the dramatics of the performance. Good potential but I think there is tough competition in the Finnish selection.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Mresc2013Malmo)

Arion – Lost in the woods

Last but certainly not least! This is the unedited version of the song as at 5 minutes long and an intro of 68 seconds long before the singer comes into the song – this will be shortened for the live shows. Looking like “Hanson”, sounding like “Evanescence” with a song that should have been on the “Twilight” sound track. This is an atmospheric song performed by a very young band with maturity beyond their years. The lead singer has that awkward look about him that makes you like this song even more. The band consists of the lead singer (with a strong voice with great pronunciation), 2 guitarists, Keyboard player and drummer. They are the real deal. The key board player and lead guitarist both had solo performances in the song after which some of the judges were fist pumping the air. This is melodic, moody, edgy, and very memorable. I cannot say enough positives about this song and band. I just hope that when they edit the song that it doesn’t lose any of its appeal. For me this had the most instant appeal in the live performance.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of UMK2012)

So there you have it. All songs performed live to the Jury. A cd will be released containing all the 12 entries on January 18th. In fairness to YLE they have selected 12 songs that are worthy to be on a successful album. There is something here for everyone to enjoy and possibly even a Eurovision Winner. I can clearly say that of all the songs in the Finnish Final that they have several entries that could easily go to Eurovision, qualify for the final and go Top 5 in the contest. Job well done YLE!!

Stay tuned for more information on the live voting Finnish Semi Finals. Have you picked a winner yet?

Author/Website founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source :  YLE

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