Eurovision 2012

Would You Like A Eurovision New Year’s Eve Party?


What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? Well like most people you will be at a house party having a great time where the only problem could be that one person has made a playlist from their own music and you could be stuck listening to Phil Collins or Christopher Maloney reruns on the X-Factor. Fear not! I have the PERFECT SOLUTION for EVERYONE this New Year. But you need to ACT NOW!!!

On 31 December will broadcast the 5th edition of the Eurovision Top 250. There are 3 days left to vote for your favourites and get your guests for New Year’s Eve also to vote too – that way EVERYONE is a winner.

More than 1200 voters from all across European have sent in already their Eurovision Top 10s. Songs from all countries and almost all years already got at least some votes. So now it is time to make sure your favorites will make it too! The ESC250 is organised by, the two biggest Eurovision fanclubs, and three other fan sites.

I ask you what more fun could you have on a New Year’s Eve Party? The answer – NONE.

So get voting now!!! The process can take 30 seconds or 30 minutes as it all depends on you and how quickly you can pick your favourite song from any country and any year. Follow the link below and have a great night on December 31st – but get VOTING NOW. 3 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

To Give you some inspiration here are a few of my favourites from over the years

Cyprus 1990

(YouTube Video Courtesy of jackosgal)

Uk 1983

(YouTube Video Courtesy of setheurovision94)

The Netherlands ESC 1975

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Anna Kardoula)

Sweden 1993

(YouTube Video Courtesy of escLIVEmusic1)

Ireland 1986

(YouTube Video Courtesy of thenewestgod)

Germany 2010

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eteoclus)

Spain 1969

(YouTube Courtesy of Vinand Banwarie)

And of course this will be in the Top 250 – Could it be Number 1 AGAIN?

Sweden 2012

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

So who will you vote for??

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source/Picture courtesy of

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