Eurovision National Finals 2013

Hopefully Latvia will give us a really “BEAUTIFUL SONG” for 2013!!

Flag of Latvia

Flag of Latvia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year Anmary have had one of the best voices in the contest but the song left us asking the question “Why are you here at Eurovision if Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney want you to write songs for them”. Looking like the cast of Desperate Housewives the song failed to inspire me or Europe but that is about to change this year for sure. And I can tell you that there is a LOT of Irish Interest in the Latvian Selection!

LTV have released the 24 songs that will compete in the 2 Latvian Semi Finals on February 8th and 9th with the subsequent final on February 16th that will he held in the city of Ventspils. You can hear the songs in their demo format here at this LVT Link

So here are the 24 song titles and their composers. Until January 14th the writers can search for a Latvian singer native or resident.

Ahead of the national semi-finals of the Latvian preselection, which was recently re-branded Dziesma 2013, the 24 competing songs have been made public (songwriters in brackets, singers have not yet been published):

  • Give Me a Try (written by Ingars Viļums)
  • When You Are With Me (written by Schillebeeckx Raph, Verresen Karen, RF Smith Bruce)
  • Tirpini (written by Alise Ketnere)
  • Here I Am (written by Patrik Öhlund, Madelene Hamberg)
  • I Need A Hero (written by Johnny Andersson (Johnny Sanchez), Michael James Down, Marcus Fernell, Beatrice Eriksson)
  • Fool In Love (written by Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck, Christina Schilling, Liza Petersen)
  • Hey Hey! (written by Andris Kivičs)
  • The One (written by Jurijs Koškins (Yuri Koshkin), Evilena Protektore)
  • Better Than You (written by Jurijs Koškins (Yuri Koshkin), Evilena Protektore)
  • Here We Go (written by Ralfs Eilands, Arturas Burke)
  • Sad Trumpet (written by Ralfs Eilands, Arturas Burke)
  • Now Or Never (written by Aleksandrs Rjabčuns)
  • Cold Heart (written by Jānis Miltiņš, lyrics– Ieva Sutugova)
  • Good Woman (written by Dominic Okolue (Dominion man))
  • Higher And Higher (written by Christof Straub)
  • One (written by Johnny Andersson, Hitmanic, Michael James Down, Hanif Sabzevari)
  • Love Responder (written by Edgars Viļums)
  • Never Let Me Go (written by Jānis Polis)
  • Let The Night Belong To The Lovers (written by Erik Anjou)
  • Joey (written by Eric Anjou, Peter Svensson)
  • Phoenix Fly (written by Mathias Kallenberger, Andréas Berlin, Filip Lindfors, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad)
  • Love (written by Mārcis Rēdmanis, Lauris Busulis)
  • I Am Who I Am (written by Marta Ritova)
  • Upside Down (written by Filip Lindfors, Bertel Österberg, Kristoffer Eriksson)

My Quick Review on first hearing of the songs

  • “Give Me a Try” – Review – This is a mid tempo adult contemporary soft rock song. In the same vein as Love Bugs for Switzerland in 2009 but it hasn’t got enough of a punch to reach those “Highest Heights”. A good song but not a winner.


  • “When you are with me” – Review – “The Cat ate my kittens and my dog chewed my slippers” – is the opening lines of the song. This is a Bluesy Country song. It has a Chris Isaac feel to it – and should have been in the 90’s quirky TV show Twin Peaks. Interesting and memorable


  • “Tirpini” – Review  – The only NON English song on the Semi finals which will give it an advantage. A moody ethno/pop song that has an electro pop underbeat. This is more trance music than hard-core Ibiza Club Music. You will remember this but not sure if Europe would pick up its telephone for it?


  • “Here I am” – Review – A ballad or more a lullaby as it certainly sent me off to sleep. More suited to Eurovision over 10 years ago. Noting memorable. Sorry
  • I Need A Hero (written by Johnny Andersson (Johnny Sanchez), Michael James Down, Marcus Fernell, Beatrice Eriksson) – Review – Not to get confused with Bonny Tyler from the 1980’s, this is the song that Irish Musician and Singer Michael James Brown has co-written. I have just had a “Kula” momemt. From the first hearing of the song I was hooked. A haunting ballad at the beginning that keeps building in vocals and atmosphere. With the right singer this can be chilling and successful. And for all you Eurovision Fans “It has the IMPORTANT KEY CHANGE”. Strong chance of lifting the trophy


  • Fool In Love (written by Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck, Christina Schilling, Liza Petersen) Review – Jonas, Camilla and Christina have all composed amazing songs for Ireland at Eurovision and in our National Song Contest. The first male and female duet on the website. This has an instant appeal. It is a mid to up beat tempo song that has that rare quality of being instantly memorable. The hook from the song is still in my mind. Think of Chanee and N’evergreen from Denmark in 2010 meeting Taylor Swift. That is how good this song is. Another contender.


  • “Hey Hey” – Review – Bagpipes and drums – Am I in the Scottish Highlands? It is a pleasant song but has little change between the chorus and verse so the song – though good – seems to be stay at the same pace and tempo. It needs more an injection of light and shade in the song to be a contender.  


  • “The One” – Review – This song appears to have an identity crisis. The verses are gentle and easy listening. You know the type of music that you hear in an elevator, but then in comes the chorus that is just breaking out into a rock song that has a weird Nirvana/Heart sound to feel to it. In its present format it seems disjointed.


  • “Better Than You” – Review – A little piece of Latvian Funk. The lyrics are sung at a feverish pace that it virtually makes it hard to hear what they are singing. I have been assured that it is  in English. I kept waiting for Austin Powers to jump out and say “Groovy Baby” which may have made me like the song. Sometimes less is more!


  • “Here we Go” – Review – Oh our first rap song of Eurovision 2013. It has a jazzy/electro/funky beat. The rapping is very good and the chorus is stuck in my head. The great introduction of the Trumpets just makes the song wonderful. One to look out for. Please no shades are to be worn on stage when performing as this song is all about connecting with the audience. A Contender!


  • “Sad Trumpet” – Review – Written by the same composers as “Here We Go” and this has a trumpet – surprise surprise – as the distinctive sound on the track. With a very repetitive guitar rift that continues throughout the song the trumpet was not the only sad one by the end of the song – so were my ears. The song promised a lot yet failed to deliver.


  • “Now or Never” – Review – This is the type of song that One Direction will do on their 3rd album when they go looking for that more mature dance song yet still retaining their trade mark “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh’s”. A good song but unless the singers are a young boy band then this could be middle of the table.


  • “Cold Heart” – Review – This is a Charlestown sounding song that you know should be on “Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With the Stars”. A happy joyful song that harks back to an innocent era. These homage songs tend not to make an impression at Eurovision. I personally like it but I cannot see teenagers voting for it in their droves. Camp Centre!


  • “Good Woman” – Review Get your shorts and shades out as this is reggae music. I feel that I need a good strong rum based drink before I can enjoy this type of song. You either love or loath this style of music. Not for me and cannot see it making the final.


  • “Higher and Higher” – Review – It was inevitable that after Loreen winning with a Club Classic song that there would be many imitations surfacing across Europe this year. This is the first that tries to recreate “Euphoria” and fails. Not in contention.


  • “One” (written by Johnny Andersson, Hitmanic, Michael James Down, Hanif Sabzevari). Back again to the second song that Irish man Michael James Down has composed for the Latvian Final. Mean and Moody dance track that I can picture on a Eurovision Stage with massive pyrotechnics. A heavy electric bass beat with tons of atmosphere. I am sure I will be dancing to this at Euroclub in Malmö even if it does not win in Latvia. This is a song that any band would kill to release today. Only one question – WHY HAS MICHAEL NOT BEEN SNAPPED UP FOR THE IRISH SELECTION?? 11/10


  • “Love Responder” – Review – This is a mid tempo song that sounds like something from Lena’s first album. A pleasant song that doesn’t offend or inspire. What is a Love Responder? Is it like a TV Satellite Dish you put on your roof? Not a winner.


  • “Never Let Me Go” – Review – The Latvian’s like their Country and Western Music – Yee Ha!! This type of song feels out of place amongst the other contenders but not in a unique way. I could imagine Miley Cyrus was offered to sing this song almost a decade ago. Unfortunately I “Will Let Them Go”


  • “Let The Night Belong To Lovers” – Review – “Let The Night Belong To Sleep”. Unfortunately this song had no impact on me as it stayed at the same pace for the entire course fo the song. It would get swallowed up at Eurovision.


  • “Joey” – Review – Ok what is it with Latvia and Country and Western music. Are there millions of people doing line dancing in the streets of Riga as we speak. Too middle of the road to make the final for Latvia. Sorry but this is not qualifying though it is crafted well and is the type of song you would expect to see on the mid-week 1980’s made for television movie.


  • “Phoenix Fly” – Review – Another Country and Western song but this one is more Carrie Underwood than Miley Cyrus. It has a punch to it but again it could be better and stronger. They really need to make the song sound more punchy and a little more edgy. Possible qualifier.


  • “Love” – Review – More country inspired music. It is strange to have a song where the verse is catchier than the chorus. A good vibe to the song but it needs to bridge the gap between the verse and the chorus as that is disconnecting the song.


  • “I am who I am” – Review –  Well who else are you supposed to be? It starts off like Vanessa Carltons “1,000 Miles” and then goes all Avril Lavigne on us. It sounds like 2 different songs got the Glee Makeover and were mashed up together. Predictable lyrics like “I will follow my star and it will lead me to the Top”. I cannot abide by these twee lyrics unless the song is strong. Unfortunately not.


  • “Upside Down” – Review – When did Katy Perry give this huge hit to her friends at Latvia. This is pure Bubble Gum Pop music. It sounds great on first listen and you can see kids loving this. One point of caution – never say in a song “Latvia DOUZE Points” as that tends not to go down well at Eurovision – Remember Dustin the Turkey For Ireland and “We Are The Champions of Eurovision” from Lithuania. Just get rid of that line and you have a real contender.


If I had to pick the stand out songs on first listen they would be “Upside Down”, “A Fool in Love”, “I Need a Hero”, “Here We Go” and  “One”. It is great to see Irish composers – born and adopted – doing so well abroad. Can they lift the trophy?

What do you think?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source LTV.LV)






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