Newsflash Cyprus GOES ALL ABBA!!

Cyprus stub

Cyprus stub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Newsflash – We have been in contact with our colleagues at the Cypriot Delegation again. We told you recently that CyBC had decided to hold open auditions for Sweden 2013. This now appears to have changed again.

Changed to what and why?

CyBC now appear to have reverted to a one artist approach who will perform all of the songs in their natinal final. HOWEVER – and it is a big however – The national Broadcaster has been faced with budget cuts due to the economic system – and they found that they are 60-90 thousand Euro short, in order to attend Malmö next year.

What does this mean?

Well if the artist can provide the alleged shortfall in the funding required through sponsorship or financing then they could be the Act for Sweden next year. In a tough economic climate this maybe problematic. However there are several successful Cypriot Artists who are successful in Greece and the region who already have music contracts with some of the big global Music Companies.

So I suspect that we could see some familiar faces back at Eurovision representing Cyprus next year – unless CyBC can fund an open audition process. As it stands they are short in the Euro department like many of us.

So Cyprus could use some of this.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of AbbaVEVO)

(Source Cypriot Delegation)

Do you think Cyprus will get to Sweden 2013?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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