#Romania Folk-Metal at Eurovision -Interview with E-An-Na X Bogdan de la Valcea

This year, the Romanian national selection for Eurovision has 46 acts competing to represent the country in Turin, Italy. Amongst them, a young and energetic band E-An-Na x Bogdan de la Valcea is creating controversy with their song ‘Malere‘. The tile of the song hints on a specific genre of music ‘Manele’ (a Turkish-derived genre combining Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian and Serbian elements) which itself creats controversy within the Romanian community; some love it, some hate it. E-An-Na x Bogdan de la Valcea clevery presents this style in a folk-metal context.

E-an-na was formed in 2014 with the help of Andrei Oltean and Ovidiu Ban, in Sibiu. Currently, the band consists of 7 members: Andrei Oltean (vocals), Roxana Amarandi (vocals), Ovidiu Ban (guitarist), Andrei Piper (guitarist), Dragoș Geomolean (bassist), Ioana Popescu (pianist) and Paul Bucătaru (drummer). The Eurovision act also includes Bogdan de la Vâlcea (vocals).

Eurovision Ireland’s veteran Bogdan, had the pleasure to interview two members of E-An-Na x Bogdan de la Valcea a few days ago and here is what they had to say.

Would you like to see E-An-Na x Bogdan de la Valcea representing Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy? Let us know in the comments below.

Speacial thanks to Ovidiu Ban for facilitating this interview.

Source: E-An-Na x Bogdan de la Valcea, Eurovision Ireland

Editor: Bogdan Fedeles

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