Voting order for Eurovision 2013 Announced - Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Voting Order Announced – and Analysis/Predictions of where the 12 points will go

The voting order for the Eurovision 2013 has been announced. This voting order is decided so that it should create a closer voting sequence based on the Jury votes from tonights Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal The order is as follows including the Jury spokesperson.  1) San Marino (John […]

Semi Final 2 – Eurovision Ireland Team Predictions

There have been 2 rehearsals for Thursday’s 2nd semi final of Eurovision 2013 at The Malmo Arena Having watched the rehearsals, these are the opinions of our team Elaine’s Qualifiers Azerbaijan Finland Malta Iceland Greece Israel Armenia Norway Georgia Romania Andrew’s Qualifiers San Marino Azerbaijan Finland Norway Malta […]

Italy – Second Reahearsal with video.

Marco performs his 2nd set of rehearsals in the Malmo Arena. (YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz) Garrett’s View Could I love this song or Marco any more? This is just pure heaven for me. Simple staging and amazing vocals makes me weak at the knees every time I hear […]