#BIRTHDAY: Lill Lindfors from Sweden is 83 today

#BIRTHDAY: Lill Lindfors from Sweden is 83 today

Yesterday we had a lady from Sweden in this slot. And guess, what, here comes another one. Flickorna tar över, as they say in sunny Örebro.

Now, Sahlene could only manage a pitiful third in her contest, and she was a home entrant. Today’s birthday girl Maj Lillemor ‘Lill’ Lindfors went one better, although she did have a little help from Svante Thuresson. This was Sweden’s best result until 1974 when a four-piece band bettered them. But maybe Lill had the last laugh. In 1985 she was the sole host of the best contest ever. It all dovetails, doesn’t it. Anyway, I couldn’t pack all of Lill’s finest 1985 moments into a video, so here she is back in 1966. And if today isn’t a public holiday in Sweden, then it should be.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton

Source: OnEurope

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