#BELGIUM: Live Blog of Eurosong 2023 from 20.20 CET

#BELGIUM: Live Blog of Eurosong 2023 from 20.20 CET

Belgium tonight decides who will carry the kingdom’s hopes at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. Over the last week, seven acts have revealed the songs being performed. Which one will win?

Follow our blog below, as we at Eurovision Ireland describe all the action. You know what to do – hit refresh for the latest views. All times are in GMT/Dublin Time

You can follow the show on VRT Één HERE. And HERE.

21.11 – Thanks for watching. And goodnight. Do you like the winner? Tell us what you think.

21.09 – It’s Gustaph!!!!

21.07 – Two scores left to call, and Gustaph leads.

21.05 – After four sets of scores, the Starlings lead.

21.04 – The public points come in next. From sixth to first…

21.03 – Here they are…

21.00 – The jury points come first.

20.59 – We’re going to the expert jury first.

20.54 – What now? Well it’s Rybak. I guess he needs to earn his fee somehow. He’s singing some little known song called Fairytale. You may know it.

20.53 – And with that, the voting lines have closed. Ooh, the tension.

20.50 – Recap time again. Chérine’s stage show, which this blogger missed, is a little bit trippy. And memorable. And therefore in with a chance.

20.48 – Duncan’s clean shaven these days. And he’s glammed up the stage outfits a bit too. He even occasionally opens his eyes.

20.44 – After the first recap, for the benefit of the televoters in Belgium, we get Duncan Laurence.

20.40 – And that’s the song done. One of them’s got to win. But who?

20.38 – We go upbeat again. This has a clubby vibe about it, and has a smattering of Melodifestivalen about it. That beat, that repetitiveness, and even the staging. It’s good, it’s optimistic, and she has a voice on her that carries it. There’s even a ‘robot’ on stage. Think Türkiye’s maNga but more psychedelic. And of course, Loredana gets the pyros to finish.

20.33 – Our final song comes from Loredana. She sings Lift me up.

20.30 – Gala gives us a very dark ballad. A very dark ballad. More a piece of art than a song. In fact, it’s very visual and difficult to describe. She has a number of dancers cavorting around, all dressed in cream, as is Gala. And the song ends quite abruptly. For others, this would be disconcerting, but after three minutes of this, you kind of expect it. I like it as it’s so different.

20.24 – Next is the youngest finalist. It’s Gala Dragot singing T’inquiète

20.21 – More upbeatedness and another outfit to remember. I’d like to be on the planning meeting that decided upon the hat, and oversized clothes. There’s a familiarity about this song with another infectious beat. This is good and will fill a floor or two at a Eurovision disco. Gustaph has a decent voice and uses his backing singers to full effect. Very good.

20.16 – Song five is Because of you by Gustaph.

20.14 – Here’s a stage act to behold. Ameerah and her pals in red, on a black and white staging. And lots of dry ice. This is also pleasing the excitable crowd with its highly polished choreography and slightly formulaic structure. Again this isn’t a bad thing. Although she does sing about a freakshow at the carnival. Eurovision’s been called many things. But is it a freakshow? Not bad, but I think there is better tonight.

20.09 – Song four comes from Ameerah. She will sing The carnival.

20.05 – We’re back. The Starlongs are on performing Rollercoaster. It’s a please duet. It’s got a lot of pre-recorded vocals backing it, and it’s quite formulaic. And repetitive. And repetitive. But that can sometimes do well.

19.55 – And the feed has gone again, unless you’re in Belgium.

19.52 – We get words from some of the jury. Hunter is confident, the song makes Rybak happy.

19.51 – His song is an instant foot-tapper. And in English. He makes the verse brief before we hit the funky chorus. There’s a kickass routine involved with his make two male backing dancers giving us moves B*l*r*s’s Teo would be proud of. This is OK and a good opener. He’s also got quite a range with his voice, which may surprise a few people.

19.46 – Song one comes from Hunter Falls. He will sing Ooh la la.

19.44 – We get a quick word or two from each of the seven – yes, seven – finalists. Who’s going to wow the jury and televoters the most?

19.41 – Jérémie gets surprised with a platinum record for sales of Miss you. That’s some achievement.

19.37 – We get introduced to the jury, which includes Laura Tesoro and Alexander Rybak. And Nikkie de Jager. And, of course, Jérémie Makiese, who sang for Belgium last year in Torino.

19.35 – Hugo gets a standing ovation, and he looks close to tears.

19.33 – Our seven acts are performing an extended medley of some our favourite Eurovision tunes. Ending with the eternal classic Baby, baby, celebrating the late Nicole who sadly died last year. Hugo is on the audience.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, VRT

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