#POLL – What is the Strangest Lyric from the Second Semi Final?

As much as we love the Eurovision Song Contest, there is something in the old adage that some things just don’t translate very well. In a musical coming together of different countries and cultures, what sounds poetic and elegant in one language might not quite have the same effect in another – and that’s before we get on to the fact that some lyrics are just plain bonkers to begin with!!

Recently we looked at some of the strangest lyrics to come out of Eurovision 2022’s First Semi Final – and there was no way we couldn’t do the same for the songs taking part in the Second Semi Final too!

Below are all the songs taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022’s Second Semi Final, which goes out live from Turin, Italy on May 12th. We’ve picked out some of what we think are the stranger lyrical offerings and where necessary, we’ve provided an English translation. Which ones strike you as the most odd? Remember, these are just our suggestions for some of the Second Semi Final’s more memorable lyrics – think we missed something even more bizarre? Let us know in the comments below!

FINLAND – ‘Jezebel’ – The Rasmus

“Game set, a killer shark in heels, I’m just the first shot on your hit list… high kicks, a predator on wheels!”

ISRAEL – ‘I.M’ – Michael Ben David

Making you the one I want and I’m not even topless! (Be cautious!)”

SERBIA – ‘In Corpore Sano’ – Konstrakta

Blemishes around the lips, perhaps an enlarged spleen? An  enlarged spleen is not good, it’s not beautiful,”

AZERBAIJAN – ‘Fade To Black’ – Nadir Rustamli

“You back off slowly through the door, you always go and blame the weather, the weather!”

GEORGIA – ‘Lock Me In’ – Circus Mircus

“Take me to the space craft, take me to dance club! Take me to the space craft, take me to dance club!”

MALTA – ‘I Am What I Am’ – Emma Muscat

“Devils inside my head (Yeah-eh) Late at night in my bed (Yeah-eh) It’s time I shut you up, yeah!”

SAN MARINO – ‘Stripper’ – Achille Lauro

“Cowboy, my heart is your sex toy, my bad boy!”

AUSTRALIA – ‘Not The Same’ – Sheldon Riley

“My father asked if today I smiled… I said, “Yes I did”, but that’s a lie,”

CYPRUS – ‘Ela’ – Andromache

“Come and charge me up like electricity, my remedy,”

IRELAND – ‘That’s Rich’ – Brooke

“No, I don’t wanna meet your mother!”

NORTH MACEDONIA – ‘Circles’ – Andrea

“Tell me, is this our last temptation? Can we even fix this situation?”

ESTONIA – ‘Hope’ – Stefan

“We live to die for worthy things, ya, ya, ya… no matter what they try, tearing up our lives,”

ROMANIA – ‘Llámame’ – WRS

“My love cannot be stopped by anybody, cuz it’s so true… let’s show it the to world cause I won’t hide it, are you down to believe in sins too?”

POLAND – ‘River’ – Ochman

“Who’d wanna be a king? Pulling too many strings? All that I’ve done, oh Lord, I’m done,”

MONTENEGRO – ‘Breathe’ – Vladana

“In the clouds foam, you’ll keep the things to feel their smell, just to make you warm,”

BELGIUM – ‘Miss You’ – Jérémie Makiese

“I’ve been trying to erase my mind, you stay like a nightmare when I close my eyes,”

SWEDEN – ‘Hold Me Closer’ – Cornelia Jakobs

“I’ll be bleeding, but don’t you mind, I’ll be fine… oh, it kills me,”

CZECH REPUBLIC – ‘Lights Off’ – We Are Domi

“Tried changing jobs, tried changing lovers, changing my furniture, change my bed covers,”

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Author: James Scanlan
Source: various, all lyrics belong to their original copyright holders

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