#BIRTHDAY: Christabelle from Malta is 30 today

#BIRTHDAY: Christabelle from Malta is 30 today

As we know, for performers at least, Eurovision can be a drug. With the prospect of international fame (or infamy), many performers try to represent their country before they get there. Some even try again after they’ve done it.

Our friends in Malta are very enthusiastic participants, and the same names often crop up year after year at the Maltese national final. Today’s birthday girl Christabelle Borg won the Golden Ticket for big Eurovision at the fourth attempt. She’d previously tried to represent her country at the Junior version. In what was a bloodbath of a semi-final, one Thursday night in Lisbon, she didn’t quite get enough points to get to the big Saturday night show. She was a mere 10 points short, doing much much better with the juries than the televoters of Europe. Would Christabelle do it again? Well we understand Maltese performers may have to wait a few years before they try again. But that time is up, so who knows, that elusive Grand Final could yet still see Christabelle performing in it.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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