#BIRTHDAY: Vlado Kalember from Yugoslavia is 69 today

#BIRTHDAY: Vlado Kalember from Yugoslavia is 69 today

Time to slip in a little duet for your viewing pleasure. It comes from that mythical country Yugoslavia. And goes to show that, for a time at least, a larger entity can function perfectly well.

Back in 1984, Yugoslavia (remember them?) was in Luxembourg (remember them?) and sent some safe pairs of hands. The male half was today’s birthday boy Vladimir ‘Vlado’ Kalember. His partner in crime Izolda had done the old Eurovision schtick before, but for the uniquely-voiced Vlado, this was a first. Their preview was a tad racey for 1984, but they’d dressed up properly for the contest. Six countries had Vlado and his chum in their top 10. Maybe there a few fans of his particular style, but they were clumped together in certain parts of Europe.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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