#BIRTHDAY: Amina from France is 60 today

#BIRTHDAY: Amina from France is 60 today

There are songs that become classics for various reasons. They could be winners. They could be insanely bad. Or it could be by accident.

Back in 1991, you could argue we were in a very chaotic contest. Chaos from a presenter. A clear winner would have made things very simple. But no. The juries of 1991 decided to have two songs tie for first on the same score. What happens now? Well it took a scrutineer with a face like thunder to explain Sweden had won on countback. If we were using today’s system, the songs by today’s birthday girl Amina Annabi/أمينة العنابي would have won. Would have it been a better winner? Well Carola wouldn’t have been lauding it over everyone for the next 31 years. One thing is sure. Amina’s song is a classic.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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