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#SWEDEN: #LiveBlog Of Melodifestivalen 2022 Semi Final – #JoinUs From 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

Melodifestivalen 2022 continues tonight!!! We are here with Semi Final coverage this evening, with the show coming from the Friends Arena for the second time this year. The third and fourth placed acts from each Heat return tonight, for one last chance of making the Final.

So join me, Richard, from 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET, as we discover who the third set of two finalists will be. You know what to do by now, refresh regularly to see what we have to say in our #LiveBlog.

Refresh here from 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

Nu kör vi!!! Farah starts the show, by introducing Arvingarna – the next Hall of Fame inductee for the Contest. They are performing “Eloise”. The Friends Arena is at a reduced capacity like last week. Oscar takes to the stage. Oscar is going through the Finalists so far. Farah is going through the two Semi Final line-ups.

Semi Final One

Tone Sekelius – My Way

Tone is in a trench-coat, which is joined by a massive cape. I’ve forgotten how upbeat this track is and it’s a great opener for the first Semi Final. The trench-coat soon reveals a hidden red dress. The lighting is quite beige. Tone makes good use of both the main and satellite stages.

Alvaro Estella – Suave

A heavily-lit red stage, a latino sound is heard from the start. Alvaro is joined by male backing dancers in red suits. There is fire on stage, rather than your traditional pyrotechnics. Another artist that utilises both stages.

Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo

I’ve forgotten this is a pub singer/band set-up. This screams tradition to me – certainly for our Irish readers. While let’s face it, it’s quite a basic overall performance, Danne’s vocals are great and it is an upbeat, fun number.

Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power

Anna returns with the third song in her trilogy. Again, the cowboy look returns, along with those strong vocals. Anna knows how to connect with those in the Friends Arena and via the cameras, with those at home. You cannot deny, this is a stunning stage production. It’s a mixture of black, white and beige lighting.

We have a voting recap now for the first Semi Final tonight. Voting is CLOSED. Oscar introduces another Hall of Fame inductee: Peter Himmelstrand.

Through to the Final are Anna Bergendahl – “Higher Power” and Tone Sekelius – “My Way”.

Time for another Hall of Fame inductee: Loa Falkman.

Semi Final Two

THEOZ – Som du vill

A youthful THEOZ starts the second Semi Final with something a bit modern – not necessarily for all age groups. It has a feel of Danny Saucedo from last year about it. It’s lively and upbeat, with connectivity.

Lisa Miskovsky – Best to Come

Lisa takes to the stage with her guitar. She is shortly joined by her band/backing singers. It’s another simple performance, yet all the connectivity elements that are needed, are there.

Lillasyster – Till Our Days Are Over

It’s the Swedish take on Maneskin, yet it’s too shouty and flat. Lighting flashes too much and quite frankly the connectivity lacks in all elements. This would struggle in the Final.

Cazzo Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough

A colourful number, with the overall production making it dreamy. It’s upbeat and dancey, yet connectivity issues are there, yet they can be easily sorted. Think Dolly Style, but with one singer and four backing dancers.

We have a voting recap now for the second Semi Final tonight. Voting is CLOSED. Oscar and Farah introduces another Hall of Fame inductee: Eva Dahlgren.

Through to the Final are THEOZ – “Som du vill” and Cazzo Opeia – “I Can’t Get Enough”.

Oscar reminds us of the Finalists!

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: SVT

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