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#DENMARK:Tonight Danish Melodi Grand Prix:LIVE BLOG from 20.00 CET

Godaften Europa! God morgen Australien! Tonight we will find out who Denmark will be sending to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy , when they hold their 2022 edition of Danish Melodi Grand Prix, or in Danish “Dansk Melodi Grand PRIX”. As with last year 8 acts will battle it out for that golden ticket to Turin. Voting will be 100% televote , with all eight acts performing , they will then be narrowed down to three acts , as voted for by the Danish public in the first round of voting, to go forward to the Superfinal, the winner will be chosen after the three Superfinal acts have performed again and a second public vote.

The contest this year is taking place at the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning. You may remember a certain Emmelie De Forrest winning here in 2013 and then going on to win ESC in Malmø with “Only Teardrops”. Could this be a good omen for the Danes? The acts this year are :

  1. Patrick Dorgan “Vinden suser ind”
  2. Conf3ssions “Hallelujah”
  3. Der Var Engang “En skønne dag”
  4. Fuld Effekt “Rave med de hårde drenge”
  5. Josie Elinor & Jack Warren “Let Me Go”
  6. Morten Fillipsen “Happy Go Lucky”
  7. Reddi “The Show”
  8. Juncker “Kommet for at blive”

Join Eurovision Ireland’s very own Sarah , when I will be taking you through all the fun and action of the evening and giving you my honest opinions of the acts performing tonight . You know the drill by now , to follow the blog, just REFRESH THE PAGE ! You can watch the show for yourself by going to DR’S webstream HERE . Let’s hope we have better luck with that than we did for Australia last week !


I really appreciate your enthusiasm but you’re far too early just yet ! Join me at 20.00 CET , 19.00 GMT .

Welcome back everyone! Get your drinks, snacks and get comfortable , ready for this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. We are waiting ( and praying !) that all will go well with the live webstream tonight , hopefully Denmark will be timely in taking off their geoblock .

The show will be hosted tonight by Tina Muller and Martin Brygmann. You may remember them from last year .We’ll hopefully be shortly going to the Jyske Bank Boxen via the webstream, hang on in there !

Looks like we’re in ! Tusind tak Danmark ! Just seeing the Danish adverts now . An the show has started! The Danes have done a touching tribute to Ukraine by lighting the front of the Jyske Bank Boxen in blue and yellow .

Last years winners, Fyr og Flamme performing now . Their song from last year

It’s a shame they didn’t make the final last year but they were very close to getting there !It’s the first time in 2 years that we have an audience for the show, it’s good to see ! Tina and Martin our hosts are on stage now .They are just welcoming a live audience back .Luckily I know quite a bit of Danish ,having Danish roots , so can understand the proceedings !

They are just explaining the voting process , it’s by SMS or there is an app that can be used, but only in Denmark !

Looks like we’re getting started , the first act is on its way .They have created a pub style way of introducing the act, where they are introduced while having a drink at the bar !

Patrick Dorgan “Vinden suser ind”

Patrick is alone on stage with a dark staging with blue hologram type background. He’s dressed very casually but smart in black and white . He certainly puts a lot of effort in and his vocals are sound but I am waiting for that key change and for me it just doesn’t’s a nice song but more radio friendly than for Eurovision I think. Nice effort though .

Conf3ssions “Hallelujah”

This is one of the favourites to win tonight. It starts off quite slow with the two ladies on stage, then joined by their male member . They are then joined by a gospel choir of lots of people and I am not sure how they will work this out at Eurovision with the six on stage rule. It’s a good song but it’s not as uplifting as I thought it would be . I have to say I am slightly disappointed with this . The audience seem to like it though

Der Var Engang “En skønne dag”

I love these introductory clips , just seen Martin trying his hand at the flute, with Der var engang seemingly not impressed !

Another song in Danish, I love it when the native language is used! It’s a very folk type song with the singers on stage with a background of bare looking trees with a changing sky colour background . It’s quite a sweet little number , a bit too sugar sweet for me. The problem is that sweet and nice often struggle at Eurovision . It reminds me a bit of a very watered down version of Ben and Tan from 2020 . Not really making an impression with me, I think this would struggle to stand out in Turin, but credit to them for keeping it in Danish , we need Denmark back in the final this year !

Just in the Green room now , talking to some of the acts who have already performed. Big cheer from the audience when Conf3ssions came on !

Onto the next song …these Danes don’t hang about that’s for sure !

Fuld Effekt “Rave med de hårde drenge”

Well, things are certainly livening up! We have rap meets electro pop here , with Fuld Effekt dancing around the stage as they rap away !There’s also some fire pyros added in for “full effect “( note the English translation of the group name here ! ) . The song is translated as “Rave with the hard boys “. Not so sure it’s a rave but it’s certainly full of rap and has got the audience up on their feet !

Josie Elinor & Jack Warren “Let Me Go”

Josie and Jack have set up two living rooms on stage, one blue, one red .It’s a song about wanting to break up a relationship and it’s a quiet little song . I really don’t see the point of the living room scenes though . It’s a little too dull for me and I think it would struggle to make an impression in Turin against much stronger entries .It’s a nice radio song though .

Morten Fillipsen “Happy Go Lucky”

I feel like I have been transported back to the 1970’s early 80’s with this. Morten is alone on stage with a rather bright striped staging! It’s a pop song but there’s quite a bit wrong in this for me. It’s very repetitive, all I hear is “Happy go lucky ” most of the time and I feel that Morten doesn’t engage with the camera enough .He’s joined by some dancers towards the end but sadly they don’t really add much to the performance .Not for me I’m afraid, sorry Morten !

Reddi “The Show”

We’re on to the 7th act…it seems to be going quick tonight !Only one more after Reddi have performed. Reddi are four lovely ladies , so we have some girl power .It starts off with the lead singer at the piano, singing slowly , it then erupts into the other three joining her, she then gets up and joins them to sing a very rock type song. they remind me a bit of Vanilla Ninja ( Switzerland 2005) in their attitude and performance . The problem is that there are similar sounding entries in ESC this year and they may not stand out against them. Nice effort though .

Juncker “Kommet for at blive”

And we’re already on the last song ! It’s a very simple song with Junker playing the guitar . It’s almost bordering on country music and probably again, something I would be happy listening to on the radio . Again I am struggling to remember any of the song and that’s bad news because a song has to be memorable to stand out in Eurovision.Not my cup of tea really.

So that’s it! We’ve seen all the songs. Who do you think will make the Super Final? It’s a tough one but I am going to stick my neck out here and say that the 3 I think will make it are :Conf3ssions, Fuld Effekt and Patrick Dorgan .We have just had a recap now . Who will the Danish public vote for?

We’re getting a tribute to Abba now, with a rendition of Winner Takes it all .

Now onto Gimme Gimme, Gimme, then Super Trouper !

And who could forget Dancing Queen ???

We all love a bit of Abba ! 🙂

Looks like we are getting the results of the 1st round …..oh the suspense!They are splitting the votes from those made in the week, tonight and the App

The three through are :


Jack and Josie


I got 1out of 3! Have to say I am surprised at those choices, I expected Fuld Effekt to get through , not surprised at Conf3ssions

So now we go into the Super Final, with another public vote to come

Confe3ssions “Hallelujah

On the second listen it’s not a bad song at all and Hallelujah at the moment might resonate with many people given the current state of the word at the moment , especially with the gospel effect towards the end . I still wonder how they will get round the stage numbers in May if they are chosen .

Reddi “The Show”

Girl power is certainly evident with these ladies and it’s a lively enough show, once it gets going . There’s even pyros thrown in . Well received by the audience.

Josie Elinor & Jack Warren “Let Me Go”

It’s a nice , gentle song , and I have to say that on the second listen it’s caught my attention a bit more. Against all the uptempo songs that go to Eurovision, this could stand out for being something a bit different . Will be interesting to see who the Danish public go for .

So that’s the Superfinal done with ! We get another recap. I have to say that I am rather sad that none of the Danish language songs got through . Perhaps the failure to get to get to the final last year with a Danish language song might have put the Danish public off! It’s a shame because as we have seen, native language songs can do well at Eurovision , look at last year for an example !

Fyr og Flamme having their last interview before they handover their crown

We’re getting in the mood for Italy …..with a rendition of Volare….Danish style !

Soon we’ll have the result ……they are having last minute chats with the three finalists.

Unfortunately, they have shut off the live stream link….before the show has finished !! Just at the exciting part !!

I will bring you the result as soon as I find out !In the meantime , thanks for joining me this evening , it’s been fun ! Good night Europe

Just found out that Reddi with “The Show” has won ! So Reddi will be travelling to represent Denmark in Turin. What do you think? Do you think Denmark made the right choice ? Let us know what you think

Goodnight Europe ( AGAIN !). Thank you for joining me .

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