#POLAND: Live Blog of Tu bije serce Europy! from 20.00 CET

#POLAND: Live Blog of Tu bije serce Europy! from 20.00 CET

You can follow the action HERE. All times below are GMT.

21.36 – Thanks for staying with us. Good night from Eurovision Ireland

21.35 – Well that ends the broadcast, and social media seemed to have it right after all. Was it the right choice? Tell us what you think.

21.33 – The winner is… Krystian Ochman!

21.31 – Now the performers are on stage. We’ll soon know.

21.30 – Or maybe not. We get another recap of the final three.

21.27 – Times for things to get serious. The hosts are all on stage.

21.21 – It’s Justyna Steczkowska. She matching Sama with Rise like a phoenix

21.19 – Superfinal songs over, it means time to vote again by text/SMS.

21.16 – We now see Daria’s performance again.

21.13 – Over to Unmute for their song. If it wins, it’ll be one of the shortest ever Eurovision entries.

21.08 – We’re getting Kyrstian performing again. It’s the same as earlier.

21.07 – The text/SMS lines are opened again.

21.06 – So Krystian Ochman, Daria and Unmute make the superfinal.

21.04 – Straight onto percentages won by the acts…

21.03 – They do a live link to San Marino, as they’re choosing a song tonight too. The Italian/Polish/English banter is, erm, fun.

21.00 – Sara James opens the second part of tonight’s Polish selection with her song Somebody. She was the runner-up at the 2021 Junior Eurovision in Paris. It’s paired with Toy.

20.58 – We’re back. Who will follow Rafał in singing for their country?

20.43 – The first show is over. But don’t go away as the second should follow very soon.

20.35 – And the lines are open for the Polish public to text/SMS for their favourite.

20.34 – This has much dry ice. And purple and white. And it’s upbeat. Not quite in a Fuego/El Diablo way. But might stir some voters from their slumbers. Choreographed to within an inch of its life too. A great song to close with, and this might not be a one-horse race after all.

20.30 – Our final song – song 10 if you’re still counting – is Paranoia by Daria.

20.27 – This one has been causing a storm in social media. This does have potential. It’s a big ballad with Krystian and a number of musicians with him. The parts are good enough, but when combined does hit a lot of the right marks. There’s no question Krystian is a very good singer with a great range. He is, perhaps, just going through the motions and could put a little mor emotion into what he’s singing. But this does seem like the one to beat.

20.23 – Song nine now, and it’s River by Krystian Ochman.

20.20 – Our next guests are Blue Café. Not content with two songs, they blend Love song, You may be in love, Satellite and Waterloo. Something for everyone there.

20.14 – Mila is alone on stage for this ballad. She immediately has a very clear voice. It’s stunning and a great example its genre. She switches between the camera and the audience, but it still draws you in. It doesn’t need any vocal accompaniment as she’s good enough by herself. And there are some notes in there that would be challenging in lesser hands. Apart from it finishing more with a whimper than a bang, I like that.

20.10 – Song eight is All I need by Mila.

20.08 – This really breaks new ground. The performers are all deaf, so use sign language. We get Polish subtitles and a more severe beat accompanying it. Unmute are five performers. Does it count as a song? Well, there’s the existential question.

20.06 – Song seven is by Unmute and is called Głośniej niż decybele

20.04 – Our next break between songs. It’s Kasia Moś singing Flashlight (or Torch, if you’re British) and My number one. And another standing ovation from the Green Room.

19.58 – Karolina L gives us something more folksy. Very folksy in fact. Of course it’s in Polish and she’s accompanied by a band – trumpet, tuba, drum, accordion and clarinet. Very nice. It bounces along really well before the bridge, which slows things down and gives us a blue stage. Then the band to there bit as the final chorus hits us. Nothing wrong with this at all.

19.54 – Onto song six Czysta woda, by Karolina Lizer

19.51 – Karolina gives us Spanish. That’s novel. Definitely Latino in rhythm, and an interesting choice. Karolina and Chika take a verse each. Not bad, and definitely something to go for for that different take on Polish Eurovision.

19.48 – Song 5 is Move by Karolina Stanisławczyk featuring Chika Toro

19.47 – Viki Gabor is performing now. She won JESC in 2019 with Superhero, and this will segue into Heroes. That was popular, as the Green Room people were all standing and applauding.

19.41 – Lidia is stood on a round piece of staging, as are her two dancers. Her dress is definitely a highlight of the performance – it’s long, ivory, and has much extra fabric in it. Perchance she’s not quite hit every note, and the backing singers (just at the side of the stage) are helping this along. It might struggle.

19.38 – Song 4 comes from Lidia Kopania (PL09). It’s called Why does it hurt?

19.36 – More retrospective. Poland won back-to-back JESCs. And came third in Paris last last year.

19.35 – This is a mid-tempo song with a beat that’s pretty good, and quite familiar to something else, but I can’t put my finger on what it is. It’s got the usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus formula and is definitely a safe song. It’s good, but maybe not a winner.

19.31 – Song three is Drogowskazy by Siostry Szlachta.

19.29 – Before song three, we get Rafał, performing an abridged version of his Rotterdam song The Ride. You’ll recognise the staging as it was similar in Rotterdam. Hmmm. Then he breaks into Save your kisses for me. A strange segue.

19.25 – A dark staging for this ballad. It’s a bit like France’s song in Rotterdam in that respect. Anna is dressed in a very sophisticated manner – long black dress and elbow-length black gloves. The song is very powerful and very good for a ballad. She uses the camera well, and during the second chorus when flames appear on the backdrop behind her, it really adds something positive. I suspect she could be holding back, but again another good song.

19.22 – Song two is Dokąd? from Anna Brycyn.

19.21 – We see extracts of To nie ja!, Color (sic) of your life, My Słowianie, and The Ride.

19.18 – Kuba has a nicely slick dance routine, and his song has a refreshingly modern sound. The staging w=switches between white lighting and then a more edgy red lighting. He makes great contact with the camera, and it’s got floor-filler potential. It’s not a bad opener at all.

19.15 – And we’re off, with Lovesick by Kuba Szmajkowski

19.11 – There is a professional jury of five people, whose deliberations will make up a portion of the vote.

19.09 – We meet our hosts. You might recognise at least one of them.

19.06 – We start with Ell & Nikki singing Running Scared. An interesting choice.

19.05 – And it’s started. Live from Warsaw.

Junior Eurovision specialists Poland having a national final to decide who gets TVP’s Golden Ticket to Turin in May. Ten songs have made it to the final where the Polish public and a professional jury will pick a winner.

Follow our blog for our thoughts and see if we can pick a winner. Hit Refresh for our latest thoughts. And feel free to comment.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, TVP Poland

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