#ITALY: Live blog of Sanremo 2022 from 20.45 CET

#ITALY: Live blog of Sanremo 2022 from 19.45 GMT/20.45 CET (All times in the blog are GMT)

You can watch the action HERE.

00.50 – Thanks for staying the distance. I hope you enjoyed the show. And the blog!

00.45 – The winner is… Mahmood & Blanco!!!!!

00.44 – We get the three finalists on stage. Ooh, it’s exciting!

00.43 – The Giancarlo Bigazzi award goes to Elisa. She collects her award

00.41 – The next special prize goes to Fabrizio Moro! He collects his award

00.39 – The next special prize goes to Gianni Morandi!

00.39 – The Mia Martini Critics Prize goes to Massimo Ranieri!

00.38 – Televoting for the final three has stopped. We’re getting close to a result folks.

00.34 – Fabio might have some results for us. No, we have a song instead.

00.31 – But first, a song.

00.29 – Welcome back. We have results to announce.

00.24 – More Pubblicità. possibly the last before we get a result.

00.21 – Another monologue from Sabrina now.

00.17 – The televoting is open again for the top three. Did your favourite finish outside the top three? If so, where?

00.15 – The top three are Elisa, Gianni Morandi and Mahmood & Blanco. One of those will go to Turin

00.13 – The top positions…

00.11 – Here are the positions…

00.10 – We could be getting scored now.

00.05 – Marco Mengoni is back. He’s looking well.

00.04 – Voting is now explained to us. Televoting has stopped, so we’ll start to get the results soon.

00.03 – It’s rock. Proper rock. With leather and electric guitars and everything. If you were nodding off, you won’t be now. It’s a good old foot-tapper with attitude – you only have to look at the drummer to know that. And it works even when paired with the orchestra.

23.58 – The final song is by Le Vibrazioni. It’s called Tantissimo

23.52 – Pubblicità again.

23.51 – Amadeus takes us into the theatre’s foyer and up stairs to the upper balcony. They’re all on their feet and he thanks them for staying the course. Even though we still have one song to go.

23.49 – Giovanni wears a red vest, so show off his tattoo I suppose. And he has an electric guitar. His song is almost spoken in parts and has an interesting arrangement with what sounds like a theramin. He’s co-written this song, so he’s putting everything into the performance. He doesn’t open his eyes much, which could work against him.

23.43 – The penultimate (24th) song is from Giovanni Truppi. He’ll sing Tuo padre, mia madre, Lucia

23.41 – Tananai is in a bathrobe. His song varies between the mid- and uptempo. It’s a good singalong one – for the chorus at least. Tananai makes good contact with the camera and moves well around the stage too. He even shakes hands with some of the audience. It might be a tad dated, so it probably won’t do much later on.

23.37 – The next song is Sesso occasionalle by Tananai.

23.35 – Ana is in red and sparkles. Her song is very latino. She’s an expressive performer, with a song that is a floor-filler. The audience like it and are clapping along. There’s a decent hook which might go in its favour. Not bad at all.

23.31 – Song 22 comes from Ana Mena. It’s called Duocentomila ore.

23.30 – Back after adverts and a news bulletin. And Sabrina has another new frock.

23.22 – A bit more Pubblicità. Only four more competitive songs to go.

23.18 – A break from the competitive songs now, as we see a tribute to Rafaella Carra. She died in July 2021.

23.14 – Achille is in pale pink. He carries it well. He has a cocktail glass – with something in it too. Thetre’s a lot of shoulder and arm movement from the Harlem girls, whilst Achille owns the microphone and smoulders away. This is great, and so so happy. Achille dances with various members of the audience. A decent song.

23.09 – Song 21 is from Achille Lauro (and the Harlem Gospel Choir). It’s called Domenica

23.06 – Yuman is definitely not in pyjamas. His song is slow and downbeat. I think of it as another smoky backstreet bar sort of song. Or it could be something from a Portuguese Festival da Canção. It’s nicely arranged, with an electronic sound in there, and probably a small amount of the orchestra. I can’t see it as winning tonight, although there aren’t really many other songs like it.

23.02 – Song 20 is from Yuman. It’s called Ora e qui

23.00 – We get some cabaret. It’s very cruise ship.

22.55 – More Pubblicità. Well it has been a while.

22.52 – Something upbeat from this duo. It has attitude and just a bit of sass. You possibly wouldn’t have put them together to sing this rocky song, but again it works. And just when you least expect it, we get something balladic just to surprise us. This is just buckets of fun. And more besides.

22.48 – The next song is by Ditonellapiaga & Donatella Rettore. It’s called Chimica

22.43 – Gianni has a sparkly jacket on. Nice. His upbeat song with a strong hint of swing immediately captivates. He’s 77 you know. Whilst a bit swing, there’s also a 1970s variety show angle to this song. I love it, and he’s selling it so so well. There’s a killer hook too. What’s not to like? And the crowd are on their feet!

22.38 – Song 18 comes from the legendary Gianni Morandi (IT1970). It’s called Apri tutte le porte

22.37 – Sangiovani has blue nail varnish, and wears a blue suit and lots of bling. The verse to this is OK, but the chorus has a far stronger hook to it. It’s maybe a tad too modern to have an orchestra, but that doesn’t mean it’s a substandard song. Indeed, it could appeal to the youth watching tonight.

22.33 – On with the songs. Song 17 is Farfalle by Sangiovani. He presents Amadeus with an AC Milan scarf.

22.28 – Marco Mengoni (IT2013) is now singing the sublime L’essenziale.

22.23 – Back, and a dialogue via the gift of mobile phones, featuring Marco Mengoni.

22.18 – Pubblicità again

22.17 – Striking isn’t the word. Maybe individualistic works better. Their song bounces along quite nicely. It’s again very wordy and a duet that works – rather than those where the two singers stand close and just shout at each other. Despite their appearances, this is a nicely soft performance but might just be too avant-garde to get the votes it needs.

22.12 – Onto song 16. It’s Abbi cura di te by Highsnob & Hu

22.11 – The boys have BMXs covered in tinsel. Nice. Mahmood is in a white shirt, black tie and long black skirt. Blanco is in white lace. Mahmood’s almost falsetto deliver draws you straight in, and Blanco’s harmonics really go well. Blanco takes his verse sat atop a grand piano. The silver white staging really sets this off. And it has exceptional orchestration. How would it work with a backing track? Hmmm. It’s definitely in with a chance tonight.

22.05 – Time for – potentially – the hot favourite. It’s Mahmood & Blanco singing Brividi

22.04 – Emma takes us back to black. Lace this time. Her mid-tempo song is earnest enough, but perhaps lacks the immediate impact of some of the others we’ve heard tonight. Nevertheless she’s a seasoned performer and can sell this song. However, it ends rather suddenly.

22.00 – On with song 14 from Emma (IT2014). It’s Ogni volta è cosi

21.57 – Pink. Loads of pink. And white too. A nice change from darker coloured outfits. And it’s quirky, as you’d expect. Lady LRDL leads with the singing of this more modern song. It’s very good, and the crowd likes the rhythmic nature and slightly joyous nature to the song. Nothing serious here. There’s even one of those microphones that funnel a voice, which is quite different. Not bad at all.

21.53 – Back again, and straight into song 13. La reppresentante di Lista will song Ciao ciao

21.46 – More Pubblicità. Back soon.

21.45 – Michele is demurely dressed. He has a very soft voice – and almost whispers his song. The song is slow and understated, with a lot of words. The outfit, if nothing else, might get him some extra points. I’m not sure whether it’s a decent enough song to do well. But he means what he sings.

21.41 – Song 12 is from Michele Bravi. It’s called Inverno dei fiori

21.38 – We get a bit of the Diana Ross hit Upside down. I don’t think it’s competing. No, it’s to do with Olympic gymnasts (the Farfalle) and Nutella (other chocolate-based spreads are available)

21.36 – Irama favours black with chain attachments. It’s a striking look for this ballad. He makes great use of the camera, and still manages to look a little aloof as only Italians can. There are soaring notes, powerful notes, gentle notes. This has it all. The audience might even be singing along too. And there’s more great orchestration. Perhaps ESC 2022 needs the orchestra back. Maybe not a winner, but not half bad either.

21.31 – The next song is from Irama. It’s Ovunque sarai

21.30 – Elisa is in basic white which is a refreshing change. It’s a very pleasant ballad and really suits her voice. It’s heartfelt and builds really well. I could use the word sophisticated, which about sums it up. And the orchestration is excellent. I can see why this is in the running.

21.24 – Onto the tenth song tonight. Elisa will sing the highly fancied O forse sei tu

21.18 – Pubblicità time again. Don’t go away!

21.09 – Back to Sabrina. She has a lot to say.

21.06 – After a selection of more eye-catching suits, Dargen has opted for silver and black. He immediately has the audience clapping along with his energetic song and stage routine. It’s very wordy but has a killer hook in the chorus. They’re dancing along at the Teatro Ariston now, which is brilliant. This is your floor-filler by the looks of things. He moves around the audience, and amongst the orchestra too.

21.02 – Dargen D’Amico is on next (song 9), with Dove si baila

21.01 – Another ballad, kicked off with a solo on the piano. Fabrizio almost whispers the song, but does it quite passionately. His voice sounds like he gargles with razor blades. But this gives the song an edgy quality. And a large round of applause before the song has finished. Excellent.

20.57 – Song 7 comes from Fabrizio Moro (IT 2018). It’s Sei tu

20.56 – Flame-haired Noemi is on a cracked mirror dress. Her voice is more smoky than her appearance would suggest, and there’s nothing wrong with her voice. It’s very good and switches between powerful and something softer just when the song needs it. It’s maybe not a floor-filler, but an excellent one for a car radio. And one for singing along to as you’re driving.

20.50 – We’re back, and straight onto song seven. Noemi will song Ti amo non so lo dire

20.44 – More Pubblicità

20.43 – A sole piano kicks this ballad off. And subdued lighting. There’s an effortless ness about his delivery. He has the audience on the palm of his hand and it’s a masterclass in putting a song across. And once that soaring chorus comes along – magical. During the song, the lighting builds, as does the power of the song. It gets the best reaction of the night so far.

20.39 – Song 6 is from the legendary Massimo Ranieri (IT 71 and IT 73). He’ll sing Lettera di là dal mare. He’s very popular.

20.36 – Aka 7even gives us a break from black with a sparkly silver shirt. Under a black suit of course. This starts with a guitar intro. He’s got a cheeringly bouncy song that could have the audience clapping along already. It’s not quite rock, but it’s heading that way. More Softengine than Teräsbetoni. It might not be a winner, but I can see him in Sanremo again.

20.33 – Onto song five. Aka 7even will song Perfetta cosi

20.32 – Iva gives us a ballad. It’s a smoky bar sort of song – somewhere hip and a little off the beaten track. It’s a tad melancholic too. However, Iva can really sell this, and her experience shows. There’s another decent guitar riff which indicates the glorious key change. It’s a little spine-tingly in its delivery. And excellent stuff.

20.26 – Song 4 is Voglio amati by Iva Zanicchi (IT 69). She’s 82 you know.

20.24 – We meet one of the co-hosts – Sabrina. She makes a grand entrance down the grand staircase.

20.23 – Back with Amadeus.

20.18 – Time for Pubblicitá. Back soon.

20.16 – Rkomi too favours dark colours, but of the leather variety. It opens with a heavy guitar riff which sets off the mood. Rkomi is indeed moody – a proper rock star – and has a song with a lot of lyric. He even moves through the audience, demonstrating his common touch. I like this for it’s more ‘you-will-vote-for-me’ attitude, rather than ‘I’m-a-good-song-please-vote-for-me’. And who doesn’t love a false ending.

20.12 – Song three is next. This is Insuperabile by Rkomi.

20.11 – This opens with a gramophone/hearing trumpet. Her song is a bit more Latin in sound. She makes good use of the cameras, singing to them more than the audience. The singing into the hearing trumpet is an interesting gimmick that neither adds to nor detracts from the song. As a song, it’s OK, and the sort of thing you’d hear in a very relaxed café-bar.

20.07 – Onto song 2, which is Giusy Ferreri singing Miele

20.06 – Matteo’s song is a decent song, with some cracking orchestration. It switches between soaring strings and a more modern sound. Whilst not very old, he’s got a great voice and favours a simple style (in a dark suit). It’s nicely powerful and a good opener.

20.02 – We get introduced to Matteo Romano. He’s singing Virale

20.00 – Amadeus takes us through the acts, and the numbers for the televoters to call.

19.59 – Our host is Amadeus

19.58 – We get introduced to the orchestra. They all deserve medals.

19.54 – We start with the national anthem – Il canto degli Italiani. Very rousing.

19.53 – And it’s starting. Twenty-five acts enter, only one act leaves unscathed. Will it be your favourite?

19.47 – Naturally, it wouldn’t be a broadcast with a word from sponsors. Publicitá if you’re Italian.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest host nation chooses the winner of the iconic Sanremo Music Festival tonight. The winner is expected to represent Italy in Turin in May. As we know, Sanremo can be a mammoth affair, so follow the blog to see what we at Eurovision Ireland think.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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