Eurovision 2022

#NORWAY: Tonight : #Semi Final 4 of MGP #LiveBlog from 19:50 CET

Well, a week soon goes by and tonight, Norway continues its search to find their #soundofbeauty 2022 Eurovision Song contest act to fly the Norwegian flag in Turin, Italy . As we all know now, last week, Semi 3 ,was won by Odra Gondrosen with her song ” Hammer of Thor”, joining the winners of Semi 1, Frode, with his song “Black Flowers” and of Semi 2 ,Farida, with her song “Dangerous” . Tonight four more acts will compete in Semi Final 4 at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, Norway for the fourth golden ticket to the Grand Final of MGP , to be held on 19th February 2022 . As with the previous semi finals , the four acts will be split up into two duels with the winner of each duel then competing in the Gold duel, with the winner going forward to the Grand Final on 19th February . The four acts tonight are :

Alexandra Joner “Hasta la Vista”

Maria Mohn “Fly”

Kim Wigaard “La Melodia”

Sofie Fjellvang “Made of Glass”

So far, each semi final has been taking place without an audience due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic , however this week, NRK have announced that an audience of 500 will be allowed into the H3 Arena for the Grand Final Show. Covid has unfortunately not stayed away from the show as two of the presenters, Annika Momrak and Kåre Magnus Bergh have also had to miss a show due to testing positive for the virus.

As in the previous weeks, one of the pre-qualified finalists will perform as an interval act. Tonight , we will see one of the pre contest favourites to win the whole show , Subwoolfer, perform their song “Give that wolf a banana”. They should have performed last week, but had to withdraw because of a positive test for Covid-19 .

#Joinus tonight for our live blog of the show when we will bring you our comments, thoughts and impressions of the acts performing tonight . You can also watch the show HERE


You’re too early!!! Come back and #join us at 19:50 CET ,18:50 GMT

And……we’re back ! Just waiting to be let into NRK’s live stream then we’ll get things underway . Just a few interesting facts tonight’s performers. Alexandra Joner participated in MGP 2015 with the song Cinderella . She didn’t make the final then. She’ll no doubt be hoping that she can do better this time and get to the Grand Final . Sofie Fjellving, who is a bookie’s favourite to win tonight’s semi final . is currently working on an EP in collaboration with Kjetil Mørland , whi came 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015 in Vienna, together with Debra Scarlett and their song “Monster like me”. The most interesting Eurovision connection tonight is that of Kim Wigaard and Maria Mohn. They performed together in the MGP 2020 with their song “Fool for love”. Let’s see if they are drawn to compete against each other in the duels , that would be interesting !

Please sit back, relax, get your drinks and snacks at the ready and join me, Sarah, as we go through tonight’s proceedings.We’ll shortly be going to the H3 Arena in Forneby to meet our hosts ,Kare Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niva.

And…we’re off !!! First a recap of last week .Now we are being introduced to tonight’s hopefuls as they walk on stage .

Here come the hosts …all 3 of them tonight !

Now for the Duel draws and it’s……….

Alexandra v Maria Mohn

Kim v Sofie

Kim looks a bit stunned at having to compete with Sofie ! At least he avoided meeting Maria Mohn first !

The hosts are just explaining the voting procedure tonight .Looks like we are about to start the performances . Maria on first

Maria Mohn “Fly”

In her introductory video she is reminding everyone of her last appearance in MGP with Kim Wigaard.She starts off on stage alone , a very dark and haunting staging with a backdrop of cliffs . She’s joined by some quite easy on the eye drummers,Maria’s vocals are sound, I would like to see more connection with the camera.We have a bit of celtic sound in there too. The only thing I would say is that this sounds very like Hammer of Thor from last week, with very similar style outfits too ( apart from the colour) and I do wonder if this is in the final as well as Hammer of Thor, they could cancel each others votes out as they sound similar. A great performance though and she’s pleased with it !Rightfully so, a good opener to tonight .

Alexandra Joner “Hasta la Vista”

And we have a latino number here , Alexander is Norwegian -Cuban and she’s brought elements of her latino background with her she’s joined on stage by 5 backing dancers in South American style dress . It ‘s a jolly little song and Alexandra seems confident on stage , again I feel more connection with the camera is needed and she needs to smile a bit more . However, for me, there’s something missing from the performance that it needs to stand out against other songs . I think the staging could perhaps do with being a little brighter and more colourful , especially for an uptempo latin number like this

So now we get the recap. Who will win this duel? I would put my money on Maria , what do you think?

We have two guests giving their opinions on the first two acts . Unfortunately ,I cannot understand enough Norwegian to know what they are saying .

Here we go…..the result …Maria and Alexandra are back on stage…..oh the nerves !!!

And it’s……..Maria Mohn! No great shock there . Let’s see who she will face as we are going on to Duel 2 . Commiserations to Alexandra . who will go on to compete in the Second Chance round .Last week’s losers are just talking about their experiences of last week . They are pleased to get a Second Chance

Kim Wigaard ” La Melodia “

Like Maria , he is talking about his 2020 experience with Maria Mohn . Let’s see if he gets to compete against her in the Gold Duel. It’s a mix of pop and opera here and it looks as if Kim has been taking dress tips from Cezar from Romania 2013 , as he’s wearing what at first looks like a smart, spangly gold jacket, but then as you see more of the stage , you see the jacket extend to a long dress ! He has a good voice and he does use the camera well, I feel this is designed to try and impress the Italians, should he get to Turin .

Sofie Fjellvang ” Made of Glass “

We get the introductory video of Sofie,she’s just talking about her association with Mørland (ESC 2015) and her experience of being on The Voice , Norway. Sofie is alone on stage , very simply dressed in a cream top and skirt, though it does look like her top shrank in the wash ! She certainly has the most powerful vocals of the night, very reminiscent of Ulrikke Brandstorp in 2020 but it feels a bit more “shouty” than Ulrikke . She is alone on stage, this song does not need backing singers .An audience would lift the performance more in the final notes.

By the way the voting tonight is 100 % public vote , only if you are in Norway though !

Ok, so now we are going to get the result of Duel 2……..let’s get the suspense over with !The two acts come back on stage .

And it’s Sofie !!!! Kim looks really fed up .

So it’s Maria Mohn V Sofie Fjellvang in the Gold Duel , Girl Power strikes again ! 🙂

Subwoolfer “Give that wolf a banana

Now the moment we have all been waiting for …..Subwoolfer are about to perform . These guys have been tipped as favourites to win MGP . They have made a bit of a name for themselves in Europe,let’s see if they live up to the hype tonight .Just a word of warning, this is not for the nervous to see !The guys are joined on stage by two girls, in black/grey all in one very futuristic looking suits and a gold spaceman at the synthesizers ! They perform a very slick rap/pop dance routine , with an audience this would go down well, it’s modern, catchy and certainly stands out from the other acts we have seen tonight . It will definitely be a strong contender in the final .

We are getting some chat from the hosts now , they are showing past contestants and changed the films to make them sound out of tune !

Oh my god, didn’t think Fairy tale could sound worse but it just did !

Now onto the Gold Duel

Maria Mohn “Fly”

I love the fire backdrop and Celtic sounds of this performance. However, I still feel it’s very similar to Odra Gondresen and Hammer of Thor ” . It’s a good , confident performance and Maria certainly hits the notes well . I just wonder if she’s done enough to beat Sofie .

Both performers have their fan groups supporting them , here’s Sofie’s crowd

Sofie Fjellvang ” Made of Glass”

The song is called “Made of glass and Sofie is surrounded by glass pieces on stage . Sofie sells this song well . Not much more I can say really . I can see why she is the bookie’s favourite tonight .

Here we go the moment of truth ….Maria or Sofie ?

And…it’s Sofie Fjellvang with “Made of Glass ” . No surprise really , she had the vocals of the night !

So, Sofie goes forward to the Grand Final on 19th February . Commiserations to Maria Mohn .Never Mind, she will get another try in the Second Chance Round .

And that folks, completes the four semi finals for this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. On Monday we start with the first round of the Second Chance Round , which finishes on Saturday 12th February.

What do you think of tonight’s result ? Do you think Sofie was the right choice?

Thank you for joining me for this blog tonight, it’s been fun . Good night Europe and see you for the Second chance round .


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