#BIRTHDAY: Kølig Kaj from Denmark is 50 today

#BIRTHDAY: Kølig Kaj from Denmark is 50 today

Rap. Is there a musical genre that divides opinion more? It’s always a higher risk style than, say, Schlager or the good old-fashioned ballad. No matter, it can be notable when we see rap at out favourite TV show.

In 1997, the Danes sent today’s birthday boy Kølig Kaj (né Thomas Lægaard Sørensen). His little song about falling in love with a telephone operator is something we’ve all done – haven’t we? OK, we’ve said too much here. Anyway, in a contest before free language rules, what could go wrong with rap in Danish? Well 40% of Kølig’s points came from the new-fangled televoting, so he might have done better than the 16th place he achieved if his song had been in a 21st Century contest. But whatever happened, Kølig’s pal Christina Juul Hansen most probably stole the show.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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