#BIRTHDAY: Salomé from Spain is 82 today

#BIRTHDAY: Salomé from Spain is 82 today

We have a winner today. And the last winner for their country. And as things stand, when her country does win again, they’ll take the record for the biggest hap between wins.

Our friends in Spain have had wins that came along like buses. All that time has elapsed and their wins came in consecutive years. In fact, they are the first country to register back-to-back wins – something not even Sweden can manage. Today’s birthday girl Salomé (née Maria Rosa Marco Poquet) did have to share her win with three others in 1969, but a win’s still a win. It still makes you wonder why there were no tie break rules in place before 1970, and it’s arguable which of the four winners would have been deemed the winner today. But whatever the result would be in the 21st Century, we get to enjoy this gem of a performance from Salomé.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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