#BIRTHDAY: Ketil Stokkan from Norway is 65 today

#BIRTHDAY: Ketil Stokkan from Norway is 65 today

We all know that every country has a living Mr and Ms Eurovision. Some places have clear leaders. But some other countries have some healthy competition.

Norway’s Mr Eurovision sadly died last year. No one can ever really replace him. But there could be some heirs to Mr Teigen’s title. One could be today’s birthday boy Ketil Stokkan. He was the first Norwegian to be a home entrant after many thought it would never ever happen. He was also the only Norwegian to sing for their country in a now non-existent country. He even tried again this year. His best performance was in Bergen. He didn’t win, which must have pleased NRK and the people who are probably still in debt after a week in the Norwegian city. He didn’t seem bothered. Of note are Ketil’s pals. Members of the Great Garlic Girls and possibly the first drag act ever to appear at Eurovision. Unless you know differently.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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