Eurovision 2021

#NORWAY : Tonight ,Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 : LIVE BLOG FROM 19:50 CET,18:50 GMT

God Kveld Europa, God morgen Australia! We’ve had seemingly endless heats over the last weeks , no seriously , just 5 ! And a second chance round , which was won by Jorn with their song Faith Bloody Faith .Tonight Norway will hold the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix to choose who they will send to fly the Norwegian flag at the Eurovision song contest to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Tonight 12 acts will compete for that golden ticket . They consist of 6 already pre qualified acts, which include the 2019 winners Keiino with their song Monument and an act from the previous year’s Melodi Grand Prix, Rein Alexander with his song Eyes Wide open. Tonight’s line up is as follows :

Atle Petersen-World on Fire ( pre-qualified)

Raylee -Hero ( qualified from heat 2)

Stavengerkameratene-Who I am ( pre-qualified )

Kiim-My Lonely Voice ( qualified from Heat 4)

Blåsemafian ft Hazel-Let Loose ( qualified from heat 1)

Emmy-Witch Woods ( qualified from Heat 3)

Tix-Fallen Angel ( pre-qualified)

Kaja Tode-Feel Again-( pre-qualified )

Rein Alexander-Eyes wide open ( Pre -qualified)

Imerika-I can’t escape ( qualified from heat 5)

Keiino -Monument ( pre-qualified )

Jorn-Faith bloody faith ( qualified from Second chance round)

The result will be decided by 100 % televote. The show will start off with all 12 acts performing live, this will then be followed by a public vote which will then choose 4 acts to go through to a second round . Another round of voting will take place to choose two to go through to the Gold Final where the two chosen acts will perform again and the winner of the Gold Final will go on to represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Last year’s Melodi Grand Prix winner was Ulrikke Brandstorp with her power ballad Attention . Sadly Ulrikke did not get to have her experience at Eurovision as the contest was cancelled due to the still ongoing Pandemic. She declined to enter this years Melodi Grand Prix .

Get your drinks and snacks at the ready and join me , Sarah , at 18:50 GMT 19:50 CET , when I will be guiding you through the action from the H3 arena Fornebu , as it happens , bringing you my thoughts and opinions on the acts tonight . Please do feel free to shout out and add your thoughts too by leaving us a comment in the box below , it’s fascinating to see how musical tastes differ !

You can follow the action live for yourself , courtesy of NRK HERE .


You’re too early ! Come back later at 19:50 CET 18:50 GMT when we will be going live to the show at the H3 Arena in Fornebu

Hello again , hope you’re settled and ready for a great evening. In a few minutes, we will be going to the H3 Arena, courtesy of NRK live stream for the show….let’s hope we don’t have the stream breaking down as happened last week ! As always, our hosts tonight will be Ronny , Kåre and Silje , Silje took over from Ingrid Gjessling-Linhalve last week , due to illness .

And…we’re in , I can feel the excitement already !Looks like we’re on the tail end of the Norwegian sport round up ! Skiing anyone ?

Here we go……………..starting with recap of the last weeks

We start with last years winner Ulrikke performing her song Attention

Such a shame this never made it to the Eurovision stage , damn Covid ! It’s a slightly more uptempo version Ulrikke is giving us tonight .Big applause from the virtual audience, now here come our presenters, Kare , Ronny and Silje

Looks like they’re having fun !

They’re looking a bit more down to earth here …..

Just being introduced to the finalists now …..there’s 12 of them ! They will all perform live then be reduced down to four acts after the first vote . First act introducing himself now , Atle Petersen .

Atle Petersen-World on Fire ( pre-qualified)

Atle starts off with a totally dark stage save a red platform , he’s dressed in red too, This probably blends in too much with the staging clolour. He’s a good looking bloke , no denying . He looks like he’s borrowed some of Sergey’s staging of 2016 with the graphics of split red blocks. Vocals ok,, but going first may not do him any favours.


Well, this is a shock ! Raylee has left behind the Flashdance movie look she gave us in heat 2 and has opted for the return of her Wild look in a skimpy white suit with backing dancers dressed equally the same . I think Raylee looks better with this look . There’s no doubt this girl can perform, she’s confident on stage and sells the song well. I just hope going 2nd in the running order doesn’t spoil her chances

Stavengerkameratene-Who I am

We start off with a violin introduction then the four guys emerge on the stage , dressed in black . Staging with photos in the background then changes to illuminated buildings ,then back to people photos again. Ending with pyrotechnics The four guys sing in harmony and it’s not a bad song, I just get a sense of not much engagement with the camera though and they seem to sing more to each other than the audience .Not too sure about this one

Kiim- My lonely Voice

Kiim is on stage alone with a backing dancer trapped in what looks like a string cage . For me the staging resembles very much that of Arcade in 2019 and the woooo, woooo wooo bits rather like Duncan Laurence in 2019 . It’s a nice song and Kiim sells it well, engaging well with the camera. Could make the top 4 .

Just to remind everyone, there is no audience tonight due to Covid restrictions , so we have a virtual audience instead, made up of fans and families of the performers !

Blåsemafian ft Hazel-Let Loose

These guys and girl qualified from Heat 1 and I have to say it is very much like something that Sunstroke project in 2017 would have been proud of . it has a bit of everything in it , jazz, pop , adding in Hazel to do vocals gives it a nice touch too .It’s a very party , get up and dance song, could be a potential Summer hit . Performance is as in the 1st heat with the guys doing most of the action with Hazel’s vocals in between . I would like this to at least get through to round 2 but the competition is strong this year

Emmy-Witch Woods

This seems to be very much a love /hate song from what I have read in reviews and on social media . Emmy is a good performer and does sell the song well. It’s still very reminiscent of something we might see in the West End musicals but it’s annoyingly catchy with Emmy welcoming us to witch woods. Moody staging with Emmy and her female backing singers all dressed in black . Backing dancers very scantily clad . It’s the kind of performance that would work at Eurovison . I would have loved to see how an audience would react to it

Oh…looks like we’re going to have a quiz ….Eurovision based ofcourse . They have to guess the past performers seen on videos

Tix-Fallen Angel

Tix seems to be a popular act amongst many on social media and he’s popular in Norway too . The song is called Fallen Angel and an angel , Tix has certainly turned himself into ! It reminds me a bit of Azerbaijan 2008, remember the angel wings there ? He also has backing singers with angel wings and attached to Tix by chains !!!! It’s bizarre, but then sometimes Eurovision needs a bit of that. Not sure what the very senior Eurovision fans would make of this , it’s a far cry from the Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson days, that’s for sure ! I have to say it’s quite engaging and can see why he’s popular .

Kaja Rode -Feel Again

We’re back down to earth from Tix and I have to say I feel sorry for Kaja coming after him , a hard act to follow . She’s alone on stage and I can’t help but feel she’s borrowed Loreen’s outfit with the huge sleeves for this , very similar staging too, but Euphoria this isn’t. She performs well , but it’s a bit too repetitive for me and coming after Tix, this feels quite ordinary . She does engage well with the camera and maybe with an audience it would have worked better

Rein Alexander -Eyes Wide Open

Rein appeared in last year’s MGP , will he come out on top this year? It’s a very toned down performance from the viking theme this year with Rein very smartly dressed n black with acrobatics from backing dancers dressed in white . He is a good performer and vocally sound ,but not sure it’s as good as last year’s song .

Imerika -I can’t escape

This lady sounds so much like Adele and it’s a very Adele like song too .Imerika is alone on stage, which is quite dark and the only thing I would say is perhaps we need a bit more lighting , but then it probably reflect the mood of the song title ” I can’t escape “.She doesn’t need gimmicks to sell the song, she sings from the heart and looks at home on stage . Could she reach the top 4 ? Ballad fans will probably go for this in droves !

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for……Keiino !!!


Well, they need no introduction and they do have a large fan base in Norway and Europe . No doubt about it ,they are accomplished performers and many already have them down as certain winners. Monument is a good song, sung well but I just think it lacks the instant appeal of Spirit in the Sky . Alexandra’s vocals spot on as ever , they are dressed in white and black tonight with dark staging . Fred with his joiking …It’s a good song , no doubt about it and I would certainly have them as winners, had it not been for the fact that the competition this year is very strong.

off to the virtual audience …looks like Rein has some female fans here and lots of them !

Jorn fans …..

Jorn-Faith Bloody Faith

What better than a bit of the old rock to finish the first round ? Like most rock performances it’s got rock, it’s got fire , a pyrotechnic eagle but I must admit I have seen better rock performances . It just seems a bit bland compared to other rock performances I have seen. Sorry Jorn

So, that’s it, You’ve heard them all now , who is your favourite tonight ? Personally I think tonight we have seen one of the strongest Norwegian finals that we have seen for a while . The social distancing measures don’t seem to be impacting too badly either .I must admit I am stuck for choice , but I am going to stick my neck out and say I think the four to go through will be Raylee, Keiino , Emmy and Rein . What do you think ?

Just going through a recap now with voting instructions . Just a reminder that tonight we have 100 % public vote, no jury this year .

Just had a little break with former norwegian stars talking of their experiences

Here we go , first results , remember only four go through

Blasemafian are through !

Jorn are through …..

Tix is through

Keiino are through !!!! That was tense !

Well, what do you think ? Very surprised at Raylee not going through but then I was worried that performing second would work against her .

So, now we have the second round of voting , there are no live performances in this round , we just have the recaps and voting . The acts will be reduced to two for the Gold Duel

Time for an interval act

Besides the singer we have seen some films of Norwegian life and see how lovely a country Norway is

One of my colleagues has just pointed out that the second round 4 acts all performed in the first heat …..uncanny !!

We are about to find out the final 2 for the Gold Final

Tense moments for the 4 acts ….

Just a bit of chit chat with the acts…which seems to be going on forever !!

Here goes

Keiino are through

Tix are through !!!

So the two acts will now perform again and we will find out the winner ! Not really surprised at this ,both acts have a large fan base

Keiino fans 🙂

So first up in the Gold Duel -Keiino

Keiino -Monument

Well, what more can I say? It’s a slick , faultless performance , not at all surprised to see this in the Gold Duel ! I feel like they seem to be enjoying themselves more this time with the pressure of getting through to the Gold duel off them

Votes from our quiz ladies !!!

Tix -Fallen Angel

I think this is going to be a case of the cool and slick performance from Keiino v the bizarre of Tix ! In a way , it’s a nice song ,I just feel a bit put off by the chains and the rather fierce looking angels . I can see how it got through to the final 2 .

So…. who would you pick ? Will be interesting to see which way the Norwegian public vote ! Will they stick with an act already experienced at Eurovision or opt for the man dressed as an angel and his chained angels ?

We have an interval act now, with last year’s MGP winner, Ulrikke performing a much more uptempo number from her winning song last year . It is a shame we did not get to see her on stage at Eurovision, she’s a good performer

Now , for the moment of truth ……..who will fly the flag for Norway in Rotterdam ?

Votes have been split into 5 regions

Tix in the lead so far

Tix still leading after 4 regions

And the final vote to …Tix

Tix have won Melodi Grand Prix 2021 !!!!

Think the keiino fans will be on the warpath tonight but ,….congratulations Tix !!!

So it’sTix who will go on to represent Norway in the 1st Semi final of ESC 2021 on 18th May . What do you think? Do you think Norway made the right choice tonight ?

Thank you for joining me tonight and throughout the whole of MGP this year, it’s been fun , hope we can do it all again in 2022 ! Goodnight Europe, Good morning Australia !

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