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#SWEDEN: #LiveBlog Of Melodifestivalen 2021 Semi Final 3 – #JoinUs From 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

Tonight see’s the continuation of Melodifestivalen – with all six shows this year coming from Stockholm, with no audience. For Semi Final 2, Christer Bjorkman will be joined by Jason Diakite for hosting duties – Christer will be joined by somebody different each week.

Join me, Richard, from 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET as we follow the fun and frolics that the Swedes have for us this year! Don’t forget to refresh the page to get the up-to-date comments!

Refresh From 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

And we are off! A sketch is in progress with some fisherman listening to Christer singing his 1992 entry. Christer welcomes us to the show, with a Bridgeton-esque number entitled Timbuktu. Jason Diakite takes to the stage during this Act, before handing back over to Christer for tonight’s line-up. Christer reminds the voting public of all the details they need to know.

Charlotte Perelli – Still Young

The postcards this week look back at the Act in Bothe Melodifestivalen and their life. Here come’s the 1999 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest! Joined on stage by four backing dancers in white, Charlotte is dressed in a sparkly black dress. Lighting is very bright and white. Charlotte has provided some schlager-tasticness tonight and is out to save Melodifestivalen 2021 – she has to be direct to the Final.

Emil Assergård – Om allting skiter sig

So, this is more spoken than sung by Emil and lacks tune at times. He is joined on stage by a three piece band rather than backing dancers. Black and white projections are used for the backdrop. At times, this entry is quite fast paced and does put me off slightly, however I love the fact were got a Swedish language song in the proceedings.

Klara Hammarstrom – Beat of Broken Hearts

Oh dear Klara, what are you doing in a Madonna-esque outfit? Enough said of that. Vocally strong, Klara has the connectivity with the camera too. Performance wise, she has attitude and shows her emotions well. Been on the stage on her own really doesn’t disadvantage her. A strong contender for tonight.

Mustasch – Contagious

Mustasch has had some negative press this week and hopefully this will have been left at the stage door. This is shouting, not singing. What singing there is, isn’t exactly in tune neither. The dreadful music does drown out the singing – which probably doesn’t help the situation. I’ll be surprised if this heavy metal piece progresses.

Elisa – Den du är

Elisa’s outfit looks like feathers from a few tropical birds have been used – with added sequins. Standing in a mist of dry-ice adds to the tone of the song – slow, graceful and ballad-esque. Turquoise is a colour trend that runs through not only her outfit, but the lighting and back projection as well. Elisa has four contemporary dancers on stage with her. Vocally strong and great camera connectivity, Elisa has to be another strong contender.

Alvaro Estrella – Baila baila

We last saw Alvaro collaborating with Mendez last year. Bright lighting, with tropical beach vibes, bring us a Caribbean feel to the stage in Stockholm. This is a mid-tempo number that see’s four backing dancers party on-stage with Alvaro. Not necessarily the strongest of tonight’s performances, it could still see a spot in Andra Chansen.

Tusse – Voices

Tusse is one of Melodifestivalen 2021’s debutants. Tusse power walks onto the stage in a strong red suit and is not accompanied by any backing on stage at this point. Great vocals, connectivity and story telling is shown throughout this performance. During the latter part of the performance, four backing dancers appear alongside Tusse. Yet another strong contender – I wouldn’t want to predict tonight’s results!

The voting has now opened. We are now treated to a recap of tonight’s entries. Sabina Ddumba performs the interval with “Not Too Young”. The voting (the first round) has closed.

Through to the second round of voting are: Charlotte Perelli, Emil Assergård, Klara Hammarstrom, Mustasch, Elisa, Alvaro EstrellaTusse. Mustasch and Elisa have fallen at the first hurdle.

The second round of voting for the evening has opened. Jason Diakite is back for the second bit of interval – rapping is sadly a switch off for me! Sorry Timbuktu. Tonight’s voting has now closed.

A piece on Melodifestivalen history is been shown. The results are in, here we go!!!

First direct to the Final is: Charlotte Perelli – Still Young

Through to Andra Chansen are: Alvaro Estrella – Baila baila & Klara Hammarstrom – Beat of Broken Hearts

Second direct to the Final is: Tusse – Voices

Emil Assergård finished in 5th place in this Semi Final.

Join us at the same time next week for Semi Final 4!

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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