#LITHUANIA: Live Blog of Pabandom iš Naujo! Grand Final from 20.00 CET

#LITHUANIA: Live Blog of Pabandom iš Naujo! Grand Final from 20.00 CET

We’re almost there. Tonight the Baltic nation decides who will represent it at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May. Over the last three weeks, twenty acts have been whittled down to five, who will face The Roop.

You can watch the action as it unfolds HERE. You can see the finalists’ earlier performances HERE.

And here we go. Like the Thunderdome, only one will come out tonight, with a shiny golden ticket to Rotterdam in May. A 50/50 mix of jury and televoting will decide tonight’s winner.

Our hosts Ieva and Vytautas have really dressed up tonight.

Vytautas demonstrates his ability to greet in Australian, American, Japanese and Chinese. Impressive.

Vaidas doesn’t have anyone with him tonight in his studio. They’re all socially distancing instead.

Here are the songs we’ll see tonight. After each performance, the acts will chat to Vaidas, so he’s not by himself all night.

Titas & Benas – No

We’re starting with yoof. T & B are in the same outfits as last week. It still looks like teenage angst in song form to me. Not a huge amount of laughs in it. Their voices are OK, but not world beaters to me. And there’s more life in the chorus than the verses and it finishes, well, OK.

Martyna Jezepčikaitė – Thank you very much

Uptempo time with old Martyna. Her outfit is resplendent with white butterflies. Maybe she floats like them. There’s nothing wrong with this song as such, but it could be challenging in the wrong hands. Or even the right hands. She does make all the notes, and it’s the best performance I’ve seen of this song. Raising her game at the right time? Yep. The catchy hook during the chorus does make this, although I still do fear about some of the bigger notes. Whatever happens, it got Vaidas bopping along, so that can only be a good thing, right?

Gebrasy – Where’d you wanna go?

Gebrasy Sheerin is a demon with the piano, according to his postcard. Especially in an abandoned railway marshalling yard. But as he’s performing in a studio, it’s just him and his microphone. There are no histrionics here, it’s just a good honest song sung, well, honestly. And that’s good for purists like me. It’s a better performance than last week, when I completely wrote it off. He engages with the camera, puts plenty of effort in and shows off his vocal range. And it builds, with a pretty good chorus thrown in for good measure. Best performance so far. Gebrasy goes to pieces in his post-performance, so Vaidas manages to fill in. That’s unexpected.

Three down, so it’s back to Vaidas for a word from the esteemed jury. Don’t go away.

Voldemars Petersons – Never fall for you again

Voldemars has his band with him, and they’re still an eclectic mix. This is quite catchu, although I have an issue with the very repetitive chorus. That aside, there’s a definite melody that’s pleasing to the ear. It’s kept simple too, which could cut across different European audiences if it wins. And that’s the biggest of of all tonight. It’s going to be tough.

Evita Cololo – Be paslapčių

You want Lithuanian? Well Evita’s here to answer your prayers. And if you want something à la Tiktok, then that’s another prayer answered. Her song is quite downbeat with hints of jazziness. And here to appeal to the yoof vote. I’m still not sure about it. This style could be popular in Lithuania, but I’d question a wider European appeal. Or, it could be the language that’s carrying this.

The Roop – Discoteque

We’ve seen 35 performances over four weeks, and finally we get to the hot tip for the win. This song has it all. Showmanship and a shade of yellow that would please Freddie Mercury. It’s slick, quirky and a whole whole heap of fun. They have what it takes, and I do wonder whether the songs likely to really challenge this have already fallen by the wayside. It’s a welcome addition to any Eurovision disco. If you like The Roop, you’ll love this.

And that’s it. 21.06 CET and we’ve seen all the songs. We get a few more wise words from our jury, when the connection works that is.

Songs sung. Tick. Jury consulted. Tick. So it’s over to the discerning televoters of Lithuania now. Will they be sending a discoteque to Rotterdam? It’s highly likely. But I’ve been wrong before.

It’s cabaret time at Pabandom iš naujo. And what could be better than… adverts? Don’t go away.

We’re back, with another recap of tonight’s six contenders.

Talking heads of Lithuania. People cooking, painting, cleaning, waving gloves. All the things people have been doing around the world since last March.

Cabaret from Sisters on Wire now. Not last years’ entrant presenting their latest song then. Oh, wait.

Two songs, just to increase the tension.

Here come the results…

Pretty convincing in the end. Well done to The Roop. Was it ever in doubt?

Thanks for tuning in.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, LRT Lithuania

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