#AtoZ: France In Eurovision – Part 2/6

Welcome to our third country-specific #AtoZ series. During the National Final season, we will look at a different country alphabetically each week. This week, we are looking at France and today we are looking at F-I…

Frida Boccara

Frida Boccara was one of the four winners at the infamous 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, when there wasn’t a tie break solution. Frida Boccara performed “Un jour, un Enfant” in Madrid and tied for victory with 18 points.

Video: YouTube/Victor Ovies

Guy Mardel

Guy Mardel took the 3rd place with “N’avoue jamais”, when the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Naples, Italy. “N’avoue jamais” was awarded 22 points.

Video: YouTube/ESC:56-73


“Humanahum” took 3rd place at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland. Jean Gabilou performed the French entry in Dublin, achieving 125 points from the juries.

Video: YouTube/esceurovisioncom

Isabelle Aubret

Isabelle Aubret was the third of the current five French winners at the Eurovision Song Contest. At the 1962 Contest in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Isabelle took victory with “Un premier amour” and 26 points.

Video: YouTube/tasosk3

We will be back tomorrow with our #AtoZ of France in the Eurovision Song Contest, with letters J, K, L and M.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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