#JESC2020: Staggy Reviews… Part 2

#JESC2020: Staggy Reviews… Part 2

Our mascot Staggy wanted in on the action for Junior Eurovision. So we let him review the songs as only he can. As he’s only little, he split them into three groups. His favourite goes through to a final.

Kazakhstan – A great ballad from a country that wants to win. It’s really good! SQUEAK!

Poland – A really good uplifting song that could give Poland three wins in a row! SQUEAK!

Russia – A song that’s great for a contest like this, and sounds like something from films made for children! SQUEAK!!

Spain – A great song in the Latin style that is bound to get you dancing! Squeak!

But which song did Staggy like best? It was…

Do you agree with him?

Author: Staggy Ristamouse

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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