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#IRELAND: Niamh Kavanagh Takes Temporary Tesco Lockdown Job

Niamh Kavanagh has completed two stints at Tesco as a Customer Service Desk assistant during Lockdown, to help pay the bills. As an entertainer, all her work dried up after large indoor gatherings were banned. Niamh had the following to say:

“We still need to feed ourselves. It doesn’t matter how well you are known. Being a national treasure for 27 years doesn’t qualify you for much on paper. They (Tesco) were looking for people. It was down the road from me. It made sense. You might as well being doing something useful. I enjoyed the distraction of it. I am not good if I’m not busy.

The old red hair doesn’t allow you to get away with anything. People did ask me, ‘what are you doing here?’ and I say, ‘well, there isn’t a lot of singing going on’. Some people live to work. Others work to live. Sometimes your work will be wonderful, feeding your soul all the time and earning your money. I’m not destitute yet. We are not super-struggling or anything.

It is very possible that people will have to supplement their incomes just the same as anybody else with a business that may or may not be viable. Eventually the arts will recover in the sense that people desperately want to go back to live music. I don’t think people will ever stop wanting that. What would the world be if people were not able to play live? There was nothing wrong with the job in Tesco. I just miss singing.” 

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Irish Times

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