Here Today, Gone Tomorrow-Life after Eurovision

Ever wondered what happened to the acts who have graced Eurovision over the years, following their appearance in the contest ? Now you can find out with our series on what happened to the stars of Eurovision once the excitement of representing their country was done and they returned back to their home countries. This week we are focusing on Alf Poier , who represented Austria in the contest in Riga in 2003.

Background and performance at Eurovision

Alf was born in 1967 in Judenburg, Styria , Austria , Alf began performing in cabaret in Graz , Austria in 1995 , winning many prizes for his work including best newcomer in the German comedy awards in 2000. In 2003 he was selected to sing for Austria in the Eurovision song contest 1993 in Riga , with the song ” Weil der mensch zahlt ” ( in English- ” Man is the measure of all things”) with the somewhat bizarre choreography consisting of cardboard cut -outs of animals on stage with equally bizarrely dressed backing singers , one of who was apparently Alf’s mother and song changing in tempo from one minute being a sing along folk song to Alf acting like a rock star , with some bizarre gestures . With the performance also being placed 2nd in the running order , few would have expected Alf to get 101 points and reach sixth place but as we know only too well, Europe can often go for songs that are out of the ordinary and unique in their own way , which is one of the reasons we love the contest ! Following his result, Alf jokingly gave fans the impression that he was “outraged” by the result . Those fans in the UK who can remember the after Eurovision programme ” Liquid Eurovision ” where they reviewed the show and performances of the night , may recall Alf being interviewed where he expressed his ” shock” at being sixth place ( while laughing) and Europe having no musical taste and swearing on TV expressing his “hatred “of the contest !

Life after Eurovision

After the contest , Alf , tried to represent his country again in 2005 , appearing in the Austrian national final, performing two songs .Unfortunately controversy hit Alf again as fans took offence to the lyrics of one of his songs “Good old Europe is dying ” and he had to delete them. This song actually came close to winning the national final , only to be beaten by Global Kryner with ” Y assi “. His other song, Hotel Hotel , came 7th

Alf tried once more to represent Austria in 2011 but didn’t make it past the online voting that year.

Today, Alf remains known in Austria with his blend of comedy, controversy, cabaret and music . Will we see him again at Eurovision ? If not in the contest , taking another role such as giving the Austrian votes ?

Author : Sarah Rudman

Sources : You Tube, Wikipedia, Alf Poier .at

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