#NORWAY Live Blog Of Melodi Grand Prix 2020 Final – Join Us From 19:50 CET

Tonight our eyes are on Trondheim for the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2020!

10 acts will battle tonight for a chance to wave the Norwegian flag this May in Rotterdam.

Tonight’s final is held at the Trondeheim Spektrum in Trondheim and will be  hosted by Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Ronny Brede Aase. The 2020 Norwegian entry will be determined 100% by the public’s vote.

The running order is as follows:

  1. Raylee – Wild
  2. Didrik & Emil – Out of Air
  3. Magnus Bokn – Over The Sea
  4. Akuvi – Som du er
  5. Kristin Husøy – Pray For Me
  6. Rein Alexander – One Last Time
  7. Tone Damli – Hurts Sometimes
  8. Sondrey – Take My Time
  9. Ulrikke Brandstorp – Attention
  10. Liza Vassilieva – I Am Gay

The final will include three rounds. After the first round, the four songs with most votes will be paired and the winners of each duel will meet in the ‘Gold duel’. The winner of the Gold duel will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

You can watch Melodi Grand Prix 2020 at 19:50 CET  via NRK webstream.

Eurovision Ireland’s own Mr B (Bogdan) is here to give you the comments you’re all waiting for! To get the latest ones, just simply refresh this page 😉


God kveld Europa! God morgen Australia! The show is about to begin in a couple of minutes. Are you ready? Who is your favourite? Do you want some Attention for your Wild minds One Last Time? 😀

And we’re LIVE from Trondeheim Spektrum in Trondheim! Tonight’s host are Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Ronny Brede Aase.

No better start than with the last year’s phenomenon KEiiNO!

The crowd is going wild. We are all ready for tonight’s show!

And these are our lovely hosts

The rule’s of tonight’s final are explained one more time. The final will include three rounds. After the first round, the four songs with most votes will be paired and the winners of each duel will meet in the ‘Gold duel’. The winner of the Gold duel will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. It is important to know that you can also vote online 🙂

Time for the competition to begin!

Raylee – Wild

What a fabulous way to start! Raylee is bringing a positive energy to the arena tonight. Everyone is dancing to the beat (yours included). This is definitely one to watch tonight. Having said that, I’ll be saying that phrase a couple of times tonight. A very good effort from Raylee and the crowd bursts into applause.

Didrik & Emil – Out of Air

This performance has an melancholic feeling attached to it. Yes, some might say that it reminds them of ‘No Air’ by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Their voices are on point tonight and I’ve enjoyed their performance. Will we be seeing Didrik again on the main stage of Eurovision? Well, it’s all up to you 🙂

Magnus Bokn – Over The Sea

You can tell that Rybak had something to say in this song. It is a combination of folk and pop and feels like an anthem. Magnus gives us a good performance, but I’m not sure it is strong enough to stand out tonight. Having said that, I can’t fault his try tonight.

Akuvi – Som du er (As you are)

Akuvi presents us a song about being your true self. Show me who you really are! The song is upbeat and the only one in Norwegian tonight. Unfortunately, to its disadvantage, it doesn’t showcase Akuvi’s vocal range. It is a dance-along song (crowd-pleaser) but I can’t see a jury in May giving it much credit/ points.

Kristin Husøy – Pray For Me

The rhythm and Kristin’s voice takes us to church tonight. For some reason I’m thinking of ‘Rolling Into Deep’. Another good song tonight and Kirstin is doing her best in convincing us to pray for her. Catchy tune, I’ve enjoyed that and so did the crowd in the arena.

Rein Alexander – One Last Time

Opera? – check. Viking vibe? – check. Powerful voice? – check. Rein is giving us another strong performance of his anthem ‘One Last Time’. Of course one can’t help to compare him to Rasmussen, but as I said before, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Even though I enjoy this, my only problem are the lyrics like ‘we go to war’. Having said that, I did enjoy the performance (and I bet I’m not the only one).

Tone Damli – Hurts Sometimes

Hurts Sometimes is a modern pop ballad and Tone is giving her best to convey her feelings through her performance. The song gives me a Taylor Swift vibe. This is pleasant and there’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m not sure if it could stand out in Rotterdam.

Sondrey – Take My Time

I like this beat; it reminds me a little bit of Benjamin Ingrosso. If I can dance to the beat, it’s a plus for me: and this makes me move. Groove is in the arena tonight! Is this something new? No. Did I enjoy that? Yes. But yet again, unfortunately, it wasn’t the strongest performance of the night.

Ulrikke Brandstorp – Attention

The arena went wild when Ulrikke was mentioned. Definitely this is another one to watch tonight. Some see this as the clear winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2020 and I can’t blame them. Such a great performance and Ulrikke connects great with the camera. This is a powerful ballad and I believe every single word she’s singing. And my she hit every single note! Yes, this is my favourite act of the night.

Liza Vassilieva – I Am Gay

Liza is presenting us a fun, dance song. I’m enjoying her performance as I tap my feet to the beat. Another song that gives me the Taylor Swift vibe. I like the message of the song. Have you ever danced on a rainbow? Catchy tune and easy to sing-along, this song spreads a positive energy into the arena.

Ok, so those were the 10 acts. I am curious who will be the 4 acts advancing to the next stage. In my opinion, the 4 acts should be Raylee, Kristin Husøy, Rein Alexander and Ulrikke Brandstorp.

Who is your winner? There is still time to vote!

Time to find out the 4 acts going to the next round:

Kristin Husøy

Ulrikke Brandstorp

Liza Vassilieva


3 out of 4! Not bad and actually I’m happy about that. I wouldn’t have wanted a song about war to go to Eurovision.

Curious now to see the duel in the Golden Final so vote, vote. But for now we have a mix of the Norway’s entries at Eurovision.

That was a sweet and nostalgic moment!

Less than 5 minutes left to vote for your favourite act. The two acts with the most votes will go through to the ‘Golden Final’. I’m not even sure who do I want in the Golden Final alongside Ulrikke. 🙂

The Golden Finalists are: Kristin and Ulrikke!

First to sing again is Kristin. She is giving another great rendition for her song ‘Pray For Me’, but I’m afraid her voice slipped slightly a couple of times. Must be the nerves.

Next is Ulrikke Brandstorp. Does she have my Attention? Yes she does. This a great Eurovision ballad and parts of it remind me of Aminata’s Love Injection. Ulrikke give us another great rendition. Has she doneenough to win? We shall see in a couple of minutes.

Who will be Norway’s winner? We’ll find out in less than 3 minutes.

And the winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2020 is Ulrikke!

Congratulations and best of luck in Rotterdam! Thank you all for joining us tonight. We appreciate your love and support!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, NRK

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  1. Watching the show from Australia and really enjoying it. The Scandinavians always put so much effort into their national finals. Your blog is great too! Meant to give it 5 stars but my finger slipped and ended up going to 3 instead of 5 ! ☹️

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